Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cagnacci's Penitent Magdalene

An interesting image of our holy patroness by Guido Cagnacci, I would find this too distracting as altarpiece but it is good meditation for the beginning of Lent.
Mary hears from Martha the Good News of Salvation, she repents and is willing to strip of the vanities of this world, 'Virtue' comes with power and vice flees. Martha and the Magdalen carrying her vase of unction then leave chiarascuro of house of bondage to enter the light of Christ.
This painting is at the National Gallery from 15 February – 21 May 2017, on loan from Pasedena's Norton Simon Museum

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Stephen Turton said...

I'm afraid I'm always looking at classical paintings, albeit with an ideal landscape bias. I'll shall gave to go and see this, can feel the National Gallery coming on.

Each character in the Gospels is a mini catechesis in themselves, especially in the teachings of John the Baptist he is second only to Our Lady in his pointing us to Christ.

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