Thursday, May 26, 2011

Odds and ends

Sorry. just busy lately!

Say a prayer for an Iranian woman who came to see me recently. She became a Christian just before her child was born, she was four before she had courage to take her to be baptised. Her Muslim husband beat her, her family rejected her, says she is afraid for life. She is alone frightened of every other Iranian.

Congratulations to James and Ella on the birth of their son.

Congratulations to Fr Tim on 3 million hits.

Congratulation to Fr Z on his anniversary

Congratulations Fr Sean Finneagan on the completion of his book.

And happy St Philips day.


gemoftheocean said...

Please tell me she filed charges against the husband and he's sitting in jail right now. Please. More 'honor killings' Muslim women shouldn't have to endure.

Gigi said...

Very upsetting to hear about this poor Iranian lady in St Mary Mag's parish, although I realise that sadly it's not an uncommon tale. I often wonder what's become of Mary and Michael, who were desperate to get married. Do you have any news of them? I truly hope they've stayed together.
"Congratulations to Fr Tim on 3 million hits": who said the Catholic church was out of touch??

Fr Ray Blake said...

Haven't heard from Mary and Michael.

GOTO, She fled from Iran, he still there.

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