Friday, May 13, 2011

Virgin of Guadalupe arrives in Brighton

An image of the Virgin of Guadalupe together with rose petals from her altar arrived, in Brighton thanks to the kindness of Pablo, an American reader.
I am very grateful.

"Blogger" has been off line for almost a whole day.


gemoftheocean said...

Nice to see her. She is a favorite in the Americas. I can vividly recall hearing my second grade nun, who was from Puerto Rico, telling us about this wonderful apparition of Our Lady. Juan Diego 'stuck it to the man' in a most beautiful way via Our Lady. I can just imagine the haughty bishop cynically saying 'oh, yeah? Sure tell that to the Marines.' and then this simple peasant delivering the proof big time! Would that one had a snapshot of the bishop's face when the tilma revealed the image! We children believed this story right away, but we were less sure the nun was having us on regards 'where I come from boys are often named 'Jesus'. Scandalous! What if the kid grew up to be a cop killer? [We thought!]

Gigi said...

Ditto @ Gemoftheocan; another lovely acquisition Father Ray! I've always liked the story behind the image, and the image of Our Lady is a particularly soulful one. Friends of mine visited New Mexico a while back and noticed that the veneration of Our Lady of Guadalupe was not based on superstition, as so often dubiously represented in the media, but a palpable sense of hope visible in daily life. Beautiful.

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