Thursday, February 02, 2012

150th Anniversary Lectures etc

This year we are celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the nave of the Church. There is a great High Mass of the Holy Spirit on the 27th of this month, with Fr Tim Finigan preaching, you know the normal type of thing Schubert's 2nd Mass in G with tympani and that sort of thing, along with a new Tu Es Petrus by a promising young composer Tom Bennett - good reviews in the musical press - and some brilliant young soloists.

Yes of course you can come.
The celebrations continue until the Feast of St Mary Magdaen in July, including, we hope a street party for the Queen's Jubilee and, if my prayers work, 40 Hours during the Dublin Eucharist Congress. I need young men to pray through the night - how do I get them?
The answer is obvious: ask Our Lady to find them.

What I'm most pleased with, however, is getting the following to agree to come and speak, it is so kind of them:
Msgr. Andrew R. Wadsworth
Mgr Andrew Wadsworth the Secretary of ICEL

James MacMillan one of the world leading contemporary composers

Mgr Keith Newton of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Fr. Aidan Nichols O.P.
Fr Aidan Nichols: the Balthazarian and Ratzingerian scholar and prolific author and thinker

The man who made it happen: Fr Sherbrooke (Photo: Andrew Stuart)
Fr Alexander Sherbrooke the Parish Priest of St Patrick's Soho and founder of the School of Evangelisation

Here is the Facebook page, though I hate Facebook,
and there should be a blog too soon.
We want to get as many people here as possible, so yes, do come and bring friends.


Lynda said...

Congratulations, Father, on aiming so high! Our recent 150th in a Dominican parish in Dublin pales in comparison (and that's an understatement!). I pray it will be a great holy experience for all who attend and an occasion of conversion for many.

Gigi said...

Wonderful - and a Facebook page?? Go go go, Father Ray!
(I don't entirely "trust" FB either, but it does have it's uses).

gemoftheocean said...

Women don't 'do' 40 hours during the night? Or is it not safe?

Gigi said...

Gem; yes I've just twigged that. You'll certainly find women to pray through through the night! (I feel "old" men are getting a rough deal here too). :)

Fr Ray Blake said...

No, it isn't safe here for women late at night or in the very early morning, besides I want men, young men especially, to do something heroic, like learn to stay up all night in prayer.

Amfortas said...

Makes me wish I still lived in Brighton. I remember the old days at Sacred Heart in Hove. Having said that I'm just home from a wonderful celebration of Candlemas at the Brompton Oratory. So there are advantages living in London! All best wishes and prayers for your celebrations.

georgem said...

That's an impressive line-up. Any chance of getting the Nuncio along to any of the celebrations/an Apostolic Blessing for the parish?

Gigi said...

OK, obviously we'll accept your wishes Father Ray, although believe me when I say that, having lived and worked in South and North London, Brighton seems to me to be a pretty safe place for women on their own! (I know you don't mean to detract from the heroism of women). The programme sounds inspiring, even at this early stage.

Pablo the Mexican said...

"No one ever invited me"

Many souls I speak to have answered thusly when I questioned them about their Mass attendance.

"...The answer is obvious: ask Our Lady to find them..."

Good on you, Padre.

May our Mother hold you deep in her mantle, and continue lavishing graces upon you and your sheep.


Pablo the Mexican said...

'... I want men, young men especially, to do something heroic, like learn to stay up all night in prayer..."

Dig in, Padre.

Don't let women skirt-burn you.

You need men to become Priests, not the sissy mary men women running things creates.

Priests need to stand firm and bring men to the Priesthood.

Do you have any idea how many vocations bull dog women have killed in the last fifty years by usurping the Priest's Holy Ministry?

This has been a grave error and needs correcting.

Maybe some of these men that don't make the grade as Priests could be encouraged to marry women looking for a husband.

Then their children might have a vocation as a Priest or Nun.


Female catholic said...

Just an observation but generally your 150th celebrations seem a bit male orientated. Was it not possible to find at least one woman as a speaker? Or are women in your parish only permitted subserviant or background roles? Just askin'?

Fr Ray Blake said...

FC Can you suggest women with expertise and reputation comparable to these men?

Amfortas said...

Calling for young men to do something heroic does not mean that women are somehow devalued. Women are the backbone of our parishes. Seeking to engage men a little more doesn't undermine women. Give poor Father Blake a break. He's just trying to evangelise a particular part of the population and call them to do something extraordinary.

mikesview said...

Father, Where on your blog does it give details of times and dates for these lectures? I have obviously not searched your blog properly - sorry.

Fr Ray Blake said...

We haven't finalised dates yet.

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