Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Schubert, a Bus and James MacMillan At Our 150th

We are kicking off our 150th anniversay celebrations of the opening of our church  on February 27th at 7.30pm with a Missa Solemnis, the preacher is the renowned teacher of dogmatic theology, newspaper agony uncle, prolife priest, blogger etc etc. Fr Tim Finigan.
The music is going to be pretty spectacular too: Schubert in G, a bit of Bruckner and a new Tu Es Petrus by the young Oxford composer Tom Bennett, who is also singing with some other Oxford young professionals, together with local semi-professional who kindly help us out occasionally, and also help out Gus Christie at Glyndebourne.

On Sunday, 4th March at 12pmish, after our sung Mass we are blessing Brighton and Hove's "Mother Riccarda" bus, named after our prospective saint.

Then on Friday 9th March at 7.30pm James MacMillan is lighting the touch-paper on a series of talks/lectures with the “The Future of Music, Modernity and the Sacred; a composers perspective”. I like James' music but I also like the way he talks, I like how faith touches his art.

Everyone is welcomed to come to the and James's talk and to any of the events that happening later on such as Mgr Andrew Wadsworth Secretary of ICEL who will be speaking give a talk "The Future of the Liturgy" on Tuesday 1st May aqnd Aidan Nichols OP the Balthazaar and Ratzinger scholar who will be speaking on Thursday 7th June on "The Future of the Chuch in England".
Mgr Keith Newton of the Ordinariate has agreed to come to speak about "The Future of Ecumenism" and Fr Alexander Sherbrooke on "The Future of Evangelisation".

Yes, put the dates in your diary, and come, the Church really comes to life when there is standing room only.


Hughie said...

Glad you got Jimmy. Perhaps chance your arm and ask him to bring Fr Brendan Slevin OP with him?

Great organist... IF you could get them to do a Master Class of Jimmy's works for every-day Sunday Mass which he has written (is that the right way to describe the process?) over the years Fr Brendan has been Chaplain to the students at Strathclyde University you could set the Catholic world on fire.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Good idea Hughie but it is also about "Modernity and the Sacred".

Mulier Fortis said...

Wow, that's a seriously good programme of events, Father Ray! I am almost tempted to relocate to Brighton... sadly I don't think the kitties would cope!

Moira said...

I hope that "Gus" Christie is not too surprised by the idea of these singers helping him out. But if he should see the blog perhaps he'll love the whole programme of events. As I do.

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