Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ann Furse RIP


Pray for Ann who died this morning.
She wanted to be with her Lord, and now he has granted her prayer.
She was a tremendous evangelist, she chatted to everyone, especially the poor..

She had increasing difficulty in getting Mass but she still came daily, first of by dragging herself up the hill to the Church, holding on to railings, then on a walking frame, then finally in a buggey.
Her love of Christ and his Church, of the Sacrament and of the Mass was evident to everyone who knew her.


nickbris said...

Oh Dear she will be sadly missed.She was at her happiest when Sacristan and was so knowledgeable,she knew every page and every text.

I do hope her Memorial Mass is with us at St Mary Mags

mark said...

Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine on her. May she rest in peace.
I did not know Ann, but she looks lovely. I will say a prayer for her at our vigil Mass this evening.

Lucy said...

May she rest in peace.

George said...

Prayers coming later today, Father..

Pétrus said...

Requiem Mass at home at St. Mary Magdalen I hope father?

I don't think she would want any other celebrant.

Pastor in Monte said...

May God rest her dear soul.

George said...

Prayers just offered (after having made a good confession)

gemoftheocean said...

Such women are the backbone of every parish. May she rest in peace.

Roses and Jessamine said...

She was indeed a great evangelist, a faithful devotee of Our Lady and a dedicated Sacristan. She supported the poor and needy, with few material resources of her own, but with great inner riches. She offered up Masses for the repose of souls. I loved her and will miss her very much. Rest in peace, Ann. I hope to see your beautiful smile and shining eyes again some day.