Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

Pope Francis! Is he going to demand we start living the Gospel - rather than just talking about it?
That will shake things up.
Viva Il Papa!


Anonymous said...

Are you serious, Father. You mean that we will have to practise what we believe? Heavens! Where will it all end?

Thinker said...

Here is what he said, “These are today’s hypocrites. Those who clericalise the Church,” he said, adding, “Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share"

Greg Collins said...

A theologically 'conservative' Latin-American Jesuit who places a strong emphasis on social justice, thus preaching and living the whole of the Gospel in its entirety. Not the abridged impoverished versions of left or right.

A pastor who is modest and humble, a third-world priest who looks towards the poor and practices what he preaches.

Thank you God. Thank you God for Francis I

Robert said...

From what I have been reading. He is no Benedict XVI in terms of the Reform of the Reform. We may as well throw out all we have learned and nourished from in the past several years. Yes he seems to be orthodox and conservative in faith. But liturgically, forget about any SSPX reconciliation, Papal Extraordinary Form Masses, hermeneutic of continuity, etcc. Not going to happen!. And forget Ad-Orientum. Check out the posts on Rorate Caeli. But yes pray for our new Pope. He will need it!.

Pablo the Mexican said...

No one mention of Our Lord; the Holy Name was not invoked.

He had the people bless him first.

He is a Pope for Catholyks everywhere.

How sad.


Joshua said...

For God's sake, I am horrified by the sheer rudeness of two of the comments above - you'd think the Pope was some monster from hell rather than the Vicar of Christ.

All those who have so pridefully stood forth should do penance.

And I am a Traddie myself.

Anonymous said...

I was very moved when he led us in praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be. The Holy Name was invoked where it should be: in prayer.

Will said...

"He had the people bless him first." (Pablo)

No, he didn't. If you don't understand the distinction between praying for someone (which is what he asked for) and blessing them, you have no business commenting.

Clare Mulligan said...

My thought exactly, Father.

The Gospel is traditional. (What a concept!)

justin said...

He did not have the people bless him. He asked the people to pray that God bless him.

I thought that moment was really beautiful. He was able to draw silence and a moment of genuine prayer from that very boisterous crowd.

Disappointed that he wore abito piano and didn't chant the benediction and he certainly wasn't my choice for Pope (+Scola, Bagnasco, Piacenza) but then I am not the Holy Spirit.

He seems very humble, very gentle, very kind. Straightforward man.

God Bless our Holy Father Francis and Ad Multos Annos Sancte Pater.

Today, on a day when a Jesuit was elected to the Office of Pope, we are all rather amusingly Franciscans. That 'joke' alone tells me that this choice has God's approval. :)

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

"On June 19, 2006, the Third Fraternal Encounter of the Renewed Communion of Evangelicals and Catholics was held in Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Present were the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, and the Preacher of the Pontifical Household, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa. The highlight of the meeting was when the Argentine Cardinal fell to his knees to be blessed by the some twenty Protestant pastors present."

A Mass he presided over on 15 October 2011 in a stadium was the sort of clappy mass, swing your hips as you go up, that the Pope Emeritus, I presume, was trying to diminish so that the glory of God could again increase at the Mass.

Pope Francis spent Hanukkah at a synagogue, with members of the world's faiths. Is it official, then, is catholicism merely a faith that is 'of the world'?

I suppose the conduct of the Cardinal doesn't necessarily colour the conduct of the Pope, but one would hope we don't see the successor of Peter kneeling for blessings from all and sundry in future.

araceli lorayes said...

Viva Pope Francis!

I hope he will be the one to save the decaying Jesuit order and restore it to what St. Ignatius and St. Francis Xavier originally intended it to be.

I just wish Fr. Reuter, a much-loved Jesuit priest here in the Philippines, had lived long enough to see this day. He was deeply saddened by the direction the Jesuits had taken.

Paul Hellyer said...

I hope his first act will be to abolish Communion in the hand. If he does this soon then I will be very happy with him

John Fisher said...

We don't know yet. I noticed the way he dressed on the balcony. I also noticed he wears his episcopal cross over his chasuble. Let's face it only those in Argentina know him.
Perhaps the new pope not speaking Emglish he will be ignored by us! Do read the link above.

nickbris said...

What is all this nonsense about "third world".This country. going by the BBC and the rubbish press is Last World.

It will take another Saint Francis of Assisi to get us back to normal

Paul Hellyer said...

I hope that he abolishes communion in the hand. then I will be very happy with him. I would also hope that he abolishes the ridiculous title of monseignure (sp )Then we will know he wants to de clericalise the Church which is great. Perhaps we will see a restoration of the bride of Christ at last.

John Nolan said...

Ordained in 1969 (although a Jesuit for eleven years before that) he was one of the first generation of priests who never had to sing anything. It will be interesting to see if he chants the orations and the Preface at his installation Mass. It will also be interesting to see whether the cross and candles remain on the altar. Last night he obviously overruled Guido Marini over the mozetta, and the look on the MC's face said it all.

Concern for the Argentinian poor is laudable, but he can't do anything practical if he's in Rome. And he will still be called a hypocrite by the secular press because of his support for Humanae Vitae. Oremus pro Pontifice nostro.

Damask Rose said...

Long live Pope Francis!

Let our beloved St Francis of Assisi look after our new Pope - and St Francis Xavier too.

May St Ignatius Loyola watch over his Jesuit Pope and may we pray for the intercession of all the Jesuit Saints and Blesseds, especially the Jesuit saints who died for the Mass in England to look after our new Pope.

Let's give our new Pope a chance...

Damask Rose said...

Well, it didn't take Rorate Caeli long to slag off the new Pope, did it?

"The Vatican Press Office today confirmed Rorate Caeli will be officially credentialed to cover the upcoming conclave."

Where's the humility in all those caustic sarcastic threads?

Michael said...

God bless our Holy Father. God rid us of arrogance. Give us the Grace to love and obey the Pope! Please God Pope Francis will continue the work of John-Paul and Benedict and cleanse the Church of the noxious so-called 'Spirit of Vatican II' which has been used to wreak such havoc!

Arun said...

well I just saw the picture of the new pope paying his hostel bill yesterda just 12 hours after being elected pope. What an amazing act and to see it on film as cardinals stood waitiung for him to pay was amazing,.
He said he did it as an example to bishops. Well, what an
example. We shiould as you say, expect to see the unexpected. Yes and to go out in Rome to the seminaries and monasteries. He will as bishop of Rome be a bishop to show by his example. And perhaps even drop in on the occasional trasttoria and eat with seminarians.
So Curial officials, take note, Time to get out and be priests and seen to be priests.
The Vatican is top loaded by bishops, most with titular Sees. Time to get out and hear confessions, baptise and preach.
Watch Papa Francesco becuse this man is going to have a volcanic episcopacy in Rome. It may be short, but it will set the benchmark for all the popes to come.
And besides, have we ever pondered what Peter actually did when he came to Rome? Probably walked the streets all day and went to homes and prayed and celebrated the eucharist as Christ asked him to do.
Feed my sheep Peter. Same message even now.

Protourism said...

For the Pope istallation,so many people,kings,leaders and presidents are in Rome that for security reasons the italian police closed all the area around the Vatican!

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