Wednesday, May 08, 2013

End-a-Life Kenny to be awarded a US Catholic Doctorate

The Pro-abortion Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny is to awarded an honarary doctorate by Boston College, Ben Travolta suggests we should write, here is his excellent letter.

Dear Fr Leahy,
I am a Catholic.
You can imagine my distress and confusion, therefore, to read that Boston College is honouring the Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, by awarding him an honorary degree and inviting him to deliver the Commencement Address this year.
Or perhaps you cannot.

Maybe you are unaware that on April 30th, Kenny's coalition government introduced legislation with the  title "The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013," which seeks to legalise abortion in Ireland on the grounds of preventing the suicide of pregnant women (despite the fact that no medical text suggests abortion as a treatment for suicidal ideation).
Maybe you are unaware that there is no gestational age limit to the measure, so that it will in practice mean abortion on demand, under threat of suicide, through all nine months of pregnancy.
Maybe you are unaware that Catholic hospitals will be forced to comply with the proposed law.
Maybe you are unaware that the bill has no conscience clause protections for physicians, nurses, and other health care workers.
Maybe you are unaware that Kenny has threatened to expel pro-life Catholic TDs from the Fine Gael parliamentary party if they refuse to vote for measure,
However, now that I have brought all this to your attention, my question is this:
Do you still think that it is consistent with the Catholic ethos of your University to honour this man, in this way, at this time?
If so, I would be keen to understand why.
If not, I would be keen to know what you are going to do about it.
Yours sincerely,
Ben Trovato
I suggest others do the same.  His email address is
A commenter on his blog suggests that the  Nuncio to the US Archbishop Vigano should be asked if this invitation is compliant with the provisions of Ex Corde Ecclesiae ( the Apostolic Constitution governing the Catholicity of Catholic institutions of higher education and asserting the authority of the diocesan bishop in such matters).
The Nunciature's email address is


Ben Trovato said...

Strangely, I have not yet received a reply...

GOR said...

Unfortunately, to many of us here in the US this will not be a surprise.

Boston College, like some other US Jesuit universities – Georgetown and Marquette, to name a couple – have long been sources of scandal to orthodox Catholics.

johnf said...

Thank you for that. I was thinking about whether I could make some sort of protest this morning.

I am sick and tired of watching the wolves get into the sheepfold and the shepherds tickling them under the chin.

Similar letters/ emails need to go to ++Nichols copy to ++Menniini regarding Nichols's silence over the boasting of Terence Weldon that he is about to go into discussion with said Nichols about expanding the so-called gay masses. If Nichols doesn't publicly disassociate himself from these claims, his silence will be a disgrace.f

Katie said...

Rumour has it that Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Is he going to sit up and take notice? Let's hope so. After all, there's now a direct link between Cardinal O'Malley, who speaks Spanish, and the HF.

gemoftheocean said...

I think a note to the nucio is in order, and then a cc to Fr. Leahy. Obviously Fr. Leahy is in the "probably doesn't give a damn" category, because I think he HAS to know. No, I think it's just one more "thick mick" [pardon the expression] falling in love with anyone Irish, because after all the Kennedy family would worship them.

I am SICK of so called "Catholic colleges" turning a blind eye to the friends of abortionists.

Thanks for the email addresses. Boston college needs their status as a "Catholic college" yanked.

gemoftheocean said...

GOR, and that goes for "Notre Shame" too, which gave an Honorary doctorate to Obama, and jailed a priest who merely carried a sign in protest. I will NEVER forgive them for that one.

Anonymous said...

The Boston Jesuits seem to be emulating the British government folly of flattering wrongdoers with honorary awards – cf. Nicolae Ceaușescu’s honorary knighthood. There is an unhealthy, triadic relationship between elements within the Catholic Church, contemporary Irish and US liberalism and US-Irish nostalgia politics.

George said...

Unfortunately the attitude among many US Catholics is that being Irish covers a multitude of sins.

The more Irish the more covering.

In the past, I've come across the same phenomenon when discussing the Provisional IRA and Northern Ireland. As I've studied the Provisional IRA I see nothing Catholic except a total exploitation of Catholicism for radical and evil purposes. But many American Catholics don't want to talk about the plain truth when it involves "the Irish".

Cosmos said...

The Jesuits are not turning a blind eye towards this man's abortion record, nor are they covering his sins because he is Irish. They are rewarding him for espousing the correct political agenda while calling himself Catholic--pure and simple. If they don't support abortion outright, they certainly don't see it as condemnable. They are trying to change the Church in their image and this is part of their efforts.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, held a love-fest for President Obama because respectable academics in America are required to love him because he is a charismatic, minority, leftist. In my opinion, it's the distinction between a traitor and a coward.

I understand that Catholics should and do have problems with both the right and left in politics. But the fact is that the left is irrevocably committed to sexual liberation and abortion as a fundamental part of thier agenda. Without that plank you could argue about the relative merits of both sides of the aisle and maybe even pick the left side in good conscience (arguing that the left is currently closer to your understanding of Catholic social doctrine). But as things stand right now, it seems like the only option is to pick the right and push them to change their non-fundamental views on national security, economics (no, the Catholic Church does not condemn tempered capitalism any more than the right pushes non-regulated markets), etc., towards Catholic teaching.

Ben Trovato said...

I see that Cardinal O'Malley has issued a statement condemning Boston College for this:

victoria said...

The lines are drawn. The schism in the Church is clear. They are just looking for the right moment to break away. Maybe the last Marian Dogma?

Those people were indoctrinated by the new world order and they are leading their countries towards the reign of the antichrist. We are the naive ones if we think they don't know what they are doing. Never stop speaking up, but the rethoric needs to be changed. I wonder how far is the clergy willing to go to preserve the Holy, Roman, Catholic Church. Maranatha! Lord Jesus, come!

God bless,


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