Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pope Exorcising?

Is this an exorcism? Fr Lombardi says "no", the Diocese of Rome's exorcist says, "yes".

Whatever is happening is more than a blessing; the priest seems rather anxious to communicate something to the Pope, and the security guard seems almost rude in snatching away the file, the young man seems to be experiencing something, either gasping for breath or crying out.

Though formal exorcisms are rather long and should be well prepared any priest can now use the exorcism from the Extraordinary Form Rite of Baptism, it is relatively brief Rite.

Traditional Jesuits don't know their way round the rubrics of High Mass but part of Ignatian spirituality is the "discernment of spirits", in the past most Exorcists were Jesuits, and Pope Francis does seem to go on a lot about old Nick. So...
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Asshole said...

Charismatic deliverance prayer, maybe. That's not the rite of exorcism, old or new. Nothing indicates that the Holy Father exorcised a demonic presence. Fr. Amroth would tell you, rightly, that all blessings are types of exorcisms.

What is it with mainstream-conservative Catholics' fixation on exorcisms? This is causing almost giddy enthusiasm from that quarter of the Church. Is demonstrating a belief in the Devil and exorcisms a kind of litmus test of orthodox in "conservative" novus ordo mainstream circles?

Lola said...

@ David Werling

The Devil possesses a certain dominion over mankind by reason of Adam's sin. (De fide.)

Pablo the Mexican said...

Some Exorcisms can take forty or more years, as demonstrated in the Exorcism at Erling, Iowa.

Some can be over quickly, as in the Exorcism a Priest did at the Freemason captured Alamo, in Texas, USA.

It is up to what God allows.

There is a sermon at my traditionalcatholicism.org web site on 'The Devil in our daily lives'.

We Catholics need to become Catholic again.

We can only do so by and through Tradition.

I would not recommend Faithful study the Devil and demons much beyond understanding there is a Devil and his apostate angels, and that we have Holy Water (proper Holy Water with salt and three Latin prayers of Exorcism used to make it by a Priest only) with sacramentals that we can use to protect and guard our homes and families.

"When I uncover her, look into her eyes"

An Abuelita, and old Mexican Grandmother once told me this about her grandchild that was bedridden for a week with no appetite for food or thirst for water.

Her granddaughter was being cursed for eventual possession by a Bruja, a Mexican Witch.

After sprinkling her with Holy Water, the look of raging evil left her eyes, a 'wave' of something coming over her could be seen; previously the child tried to kill the grandmother with a butcher knife.

After invoking the Holy Name and using the sacramental, the child jumped out of bed and hugged the grandmother, both wept.

In her eyes could be seen the innocent child she once was.

I did not see that in the eyes of the young man after the demon in him addressed the Holy Father.

Pray for the Holy Father.


Rachel M. Gohlman said...

It looked like a blessing to me

gemoftheocean said...

Just a lot of folderol whipped up by the press. Regular blessing. What was whispered more than like was someone telling the pope what illness the person was suffering from.

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