Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Before Turning to Other Things

Before turning to other things, one last word on the Argus smear attacks, before I turn to other things; we bent over backwards to give them an easy and cheap way out of the difficulties they got themselves into, they have neither agreed to a settlement nor proposed anything themselves.

That is life!

I am very pleased the highly acclaimed Dr Colin Harte has been acting for me in this matter. I just want to get back to being a priest, who happens to write a blog. Colin is best known for his book Changing Unjust Laws Justly. Here is Francis Philips review of it.
Someone said of him to me recently,
'THE Colin Harte of 'Changing Unjust Laws Justly' - probably the most important pro-life book of our generation? '
'I cannot over-emphasise just how important that man is for the future of ethics and morality in the very Church itself...he just doesn't realise it yet - his book could potentially save us from disaster.'
So if you want to support him buy the book which 'could potentially save us from disaster', having bought it, read it.

I am very grateful to God for this exceptional man and I also want to express my thanks to everyone else who has supported me, mostly especially my brother priests. Continue to pray for me, please and pray that this unpleasant affair will be brought to a just and proper conclusion.


Zephyrinus said...

Deo Gratias, Fr.

Long-Skirts said...


The light is
In the sun
Of gold
To warm you
When your thoughts
Grow cold.

The light is
In the wafered
A glorious Boon.

The light
Reflects in
Crystal snow,
A glittering
Blanketing woe.

The light is
In infants' souls,
Glistening water
Will deepen
Their shoals.

The light is
In your flocks'
Flawed faces,
Waiting to
Heal from
Penanced graces.

For you are robed,
Royal, purpled
Light of the world!

ALDU said...

A good and far thinking man. For more information see http://aldulaw.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/abortion-law-amendment-historical-lesson.html and the subsequent post on this blog for 27 September 2012. Colin Harte has seen better than almost everyone else, the dangers inherent in arguing for the pro-life cause, using non pro-life arguments. Principles are hard but one simply cannot compromise when discussing the killing of human beings.

Supertradmum said...

Be at peace, Father Blake, you are in excellent company in your suffering-the very priests who experienced so much calumny from the press are great saints in heaven, so persevere. I think especially of Louis de Montfort, who had to face so much public slander. God bless you, Father, a million times.

Barbara said...

I have been praying to Our Lady for you Father and will continue to do so!


RichardT said...

The extracts from Damian McBride's memoirs printed today show that the poison in the Press goes right to the top.

No wonder hack journalists on the local rag behave like this when they are set such an example by the then Prime Minister's own Head of Communications.

And what is McBride's job now? Head of Media and PR at CAFOD.

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