Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alison Davis

Pray for Alison Davis, pictured here on her last visit this year to Lourdes with Colin Harte who cares for and assists her, she has become increasingly frail of late, and I think would be very appreciative of your prayers at the moment.

Her story is remarkable, she tells a little of it here, it is from a 2009 talk she gave at a pro-Life conference in New Zealand.
The most compelling argument I can present is my own experience. I have suffered a lot of pain throughout my life, and now need increasing doses of morphine, but even that doesn't always alleviate the pain. In addition to spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and using a wheelchair full time, I also have emphysema, a breathing problem that makes me susceptible to chest infections, arthritis, lordosis and kyphoscoliosis - causing my spine to twist out of shape in every possible direction, and osteoporosis - brittle bones, which has caused my spine to collapse and trap nerves. When the pain is at its worst I can't move or think or speak.
She has been a remarkable campaigner for disability rights and through her own suffering has come to understand the beauty and preciousness of life.
Since every human being is made in the image of God, each is of infinite value and Jesus would have paid the same price for one as for all, the same price for the same -infinite -value.
Because of this infinite human value, one minute of life is as precious as a hundred years
(how could a hundred years be precious but not the individual minutes and hours and days
which comprised it?) A short life is as valuable as a long one and a profoundly disabled life
as precious as one labelled "perfectly healthy.” 


Long-Skirts said...


Have you received
Christ's body dead
Like the sorrowful Mother
Who cradled His head?

Christ's body dead
Is the death of a child
Deformed or sickly
Did you feel beguiled?

Christ's body dead
Is the gift of disease
Physical, mental
Can't do as you please.

That's because Christ
Wants to be close
To you who accepts
The sixth sorrow's dose.

He chose you of hope
To cradle His head
For you know what is life
And what really is dead.

Climb Golgotha hill
For you can handle
So others can see
Your light like a candle

That Christ is with you
Before and behind
And they'll follow your path
To the tomb quite resigned

Where quietly gently
All suffering will rest
And your head will be cradled
At our Lady's breast.

Oh sons of sorrow
The gift - your breath,
You'll breathe at your birth
Due to Christ's body's death.

Ahhhhhhh, Alison, you give such hope! Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers, May God bless her and her helpers

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

“Prayer is helplessness casting itself on Power, infirmity leaning on Strength, misery reaching to Mercy, and a prisoner clamoring for Relief.” –Fulton J Sheen

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