Friday, October 04, 2013

In Assisi some clear teaching

I have been rather impressed by some of the things the Holy Father has been saying in Assisi today, I just wonder if someone has been pointing that ambiguity and confusion are destructive, I think others are impressed a bit too and here as well.

Maybe the Mueller interview was a turning point.
See fasting and prayer work.

Oh and isn't that toddler crawling around in front of the throne sweet, no cynicism about Papal casting.

And then there was this interesting post a few days ago from the great Zee about Medge. Interesting, eh?


ACC92 said...

Wow. I was pretty impressed! I liked the assertiveness of it!

Did anyone notice the picture of Pius XII as well. Please God he'll be raised to the altars!

Wynn said...

What a sense of relief! I just pray that it isn't premature. I never doubted his orthodoxy – but how damaging his ambivalent utterances were becoming. Is he perhaps finally beginning to listen, rather than feeling he has to jabber away off the cuff the whole time? (As he quotes: "Preach the Gospel – if necessary[!!!] use words.")

Lynda said...

It does appear that Pope Francis has intermittent periods of lucidity!

Genty said...

All he has to do is stick to the script . . . .

Jacobi said...

“In Assisi some clear teaching”


And also the address to the Catechists conference in September, in which he set the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “the memory of God”, as our standard, if we are ever in doubt or unable to judge.

I mentioned earlier that he is Argentinean, a most likeable and sometimes excitable people, (whom I know quite well!), and so will take a little time to settle. So as Cpl Jones would put it, we mustn’t panic.

Remember that Pope John Paul II took a little time to pull himself away from the problems and mindset of his native Poland. Maybe there is much to be said for Italian Popes after all (provided it’s not Piero, of course), since they seem intuitively to know the rules of the game. Now, Benedict was actually quite good, but seemed to lack staying power!

justin said...

The pope's prepared homilies, speeches and general audiences are finessed, supported and provided theological Support by Archbishop Ladaria Luis Ferrer SJ, who was confirmed in his post as Secretary to the CDF alongside Archbishop Augustine DiNoia (previously at PCED).

Anonymous said...

Deo gratias - there was some good stuff in the Pope's words to the young: sound, direct and clear.

But I found it intriguing that the young man in the dark top at 1.17 was far from as enthused as those about him, though we cannot know for what reason. But is a timely reminder that not all young people go with the flow. Sometimes, that can be a very good thing.


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