Monday, April 07, 2014

Lessons on the correct disposition for Holy Communion

A priest friend of mine told me he was very impressed a few weeks ago by a little boy who was nine or ten, home schooled, who said he very much wanted to go to Holy Communion but he had kicked his sister on the way to Mass, so he couldn't. His reason: because he was so annoyed with her he couldn't bring himself to apologise.


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

thank you, Father. Kids can get it! and I think most adults, given half a chance could too.

i think the disconection between confession and Holy Communion has been exacerbated by the contemporary ideology of automatic okayness. the idea that Christ not only suffered for our sins but somehow we've come to believe He converted for us as well? i can't rember who, but some worthy Catholic writer wrote of daily conversion - each day awake is a gift for conversion.

don't get the recent 'revert' usage. everyone's a convert towards grace or ignoring it.

Brian said...

A Jesuit told me that no one is really worthy of the Eucharist therefore to confess unworthy reception is quite unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Good examination of conscience prior to, and slowness to go to Holy Communion helps one be more diligent about going to Confession, and going often. Not receiving when I'm conscious of needing absolution (even if no mortal sin involved) helps me not to put off Confession again and again.

Jacobi said...

It can’t be said too often. The conditions for reception of Holy Communion were laid out in Sacra Tridentina by St Pius X - and have not changed.

We are required to be in a State of Grace, that is free from Mortal Sin, with the purpose of never sinning again, and to have the right and devout intention.

We must not receive from routine, or vain glory, or for seeking human respect.

Reception is to be preceded by serious preparation.

Where frequent or daily Communion is practised, the advice of a confessor should be sought.

All quite clear and simple!

Anonymous said...

Brian, one must confess if one received Our Lord in a state of mortal sin, as to do so is a mortal sin itself, sacrilege.

gemoftheocean said...

This kid is so young to have caught on so quick. Many times I have stopped myself from doing X, Y, or Z because I was afraid if I didn't I wouldn't be sorry for it.

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