Thursday, April 03, 2014

Queen meets Pope

Later today the Queen will meet Pope Francis, here she meets Pope John XXIII, interesting to see the animation of the Pope.
Today will be a simpler affair, no tiara, no court dress and fewer courtiers on both sides.
Here is an account of the meeting, simple gifts from the Queen, a bottle of Scotch and stuff from her estates and princely gifts from the Pope, an orb for Prince George.


gemoftheocean said...

She looked very nice and relaxed in her pale lavender. I'm sure at close to 88 years of age she was glad not to have to wear that court getup that makes most women look like they are widows from the 19th century. I hope we've seen the last of it.

I am quite sure she had the free bar pretzels laid out for her - so unlike the last head of state to visit him.

Aged parent said...

I find it very sad that the Queen felt compelled to put her moral sense as well as her sense of duty aside when she recently signed the homo marriage bill.

One always expects, or at least hopes, that the remaining monarchs will take some kind of stand for right order.

Unknown said...

It's great to get a sense of the personal exuberance of Good Pope John, who granted the faithful the 1962 missal that we still use.

nickbris said...

Good of His Holiness to give Prince George a piece of Afghanistan,hope the Taliban don't ask for it back

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