Monday, March 26, 2007

O.D. on Ruth Kelly

This from Atticus in yesterday's Sunday Times:
Opus Dei puts the screws on Ruth Kelly over gay adoptionA little pain and discomfort is de rigeur for members of Opus Dei. But Ruth Kelly might be smarting a little more than usual at her next meeting of the Catholic sect.Members are furious at plans to force church adoption agencies to work with gay couples and say the communities secretary should have done more to oppose it. Some would even like to see her expelled."There is a case here for expulsion," says one disgruntled member. "She has been part of a set of regulations that are contrary to the wishes of the Catholic bishops." An Opus Dei spokesman would say only: "There are those who think she has done well, and those who think she has not done well."

Fr Boyle points out that Opus Dei is not a sect of course.


Anonymous said...

No doubt albinos in cowls await their next order.

Fr John Boyle said...

There's something about that picture... It seems to have 'compromise' written all over it.

fr from up north said...

She will have to answer for this very serious act before the throne of God.

Anonymous said...

This is just nonsense. I sincerely doubt Ruth Kelly is a member of Opus Dei. And of course if she were then the possibility of her expulsion would be, er, remote.

If Opus Dei really did have one of its members in England's most anti-Catholic government since the gruesome demise of Penda of Mercia I think we'd jolly well no about it, rather than the "Is she, isn't she?" speculation. And of course the ODs wouldn't give up a prize like that for anything.

Francis said...

Am I alone in thinking that Ruth Kelly via the SORs has done more to tarnish the reputation of Opus Dei than Dan Brown did via the Da Vinci Code?

Opus Dei has been accused of many things in its time, but it has never (until recent weeks) been accused of having members who are doctrinally unsound and who shamelessly connive with moral relativism.

John L said...

I think you are alone, because no-one seems to have got there yet. I think where you have gone others will eventually follow.
El Padre would not have tolerate Ms Kelly's ambiguity.
Olive, friends who are in Opus Dei assure she is indeed a member.