Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is it a sin to look at Obnoxiously Pious in Lent?

I have just added this to the sidebar, check it out.
It seems to be phantasia of the type of thing that brings a smile to most Catholics, something worthwhile to look at during Lent, but not Fridays of course. Some of you, it will outrage, especially if you look at the links that are included.
I know nothing about the author, but I think he or she should get a job at Ecclsedon Square, now.
Yes, and I want the name "Obnoxiously Pious" to appear somewhere on this blog.
The style is whimsical, unlike most blogs.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the link Father!

Hebdomadary said...

Certainly not sinful...there was one very brief clip in the video, of he distant sihlouette of the Sedia Gestatoria, seen from a shadowy foreground, with canopy above, making it's halting way down the nave of St. Peter's...what an image. The sheer mystery of such a sight, the most brilliant contravention of the world we live in, it is enough to convert your average passer by just out of curiosity!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is, I took pleasure in the hat link, twice.

Anagnostis said...

I asked Fr Finigan about this, but no reply. The illustration on OP's masthead shows respected English priests processing to the altar. It's some time ago, certainly, but the youthful features of Frs Edwards (celebrant) and Finnegan (Deacon) are faithfully represented. So who's the subdeacon?

Answers in a plain brown envelope to The Undercroft. Points mean prizes.

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