Saturday, March 03, 2012

And next for our 150th: James MacMillan

I told you God is good to us; James MacMillan in between writing major pieces for concert hall, opera house and the occasional Papal visit and writing a little something for the parish choir he runs is coming to speak here next Friday evening. I have a seat reserved, everyone else is on a first come, first seated basis, our Church isn't huge. Interestingly there seems to be a lot of interest in Brighton in his talk not just from Church choir people but from the other parts of the artistic community too.
It is our venture into the Court of the Gentiles.
Everyone knows this, it is glorious:

but I love this:

and this

and this piece written in honour of Our Lady for Fr Laurence Lew's ordination is delightful

but apart from him once telling me he looked at my blog, this is really the reason for inviting him: not so music but silence.


georgem said...

"I have a seat reserved, everyone else is on a first come, first seated basis . . . ." That's what's known as pulling rank. Most unattractive. Ahem.
At least you could tell the hoi polloi what time the doors open. Ai theng yew.

B. said...


is there any chance the talk will be filmed or recorded and made available to the rest of us? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested.

pelerin said...

Father Ray - May I echo 'B''s comment please. I would be most grateful if tonight's talk could be recorded in some way please as unfortunately I will be unable to attend.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Recording: we'll do our best.