Sunday, March 04, 2012

Bus Blessing

The picture, now for the video, the music is not an in house production it is on the choir blog. It wasn't the nicest of days.
Does having a bus named after someone mean there is a cultus?


Fr. Gary V. said...

Congratulations for blessing the Mother Riccarda Bus, Father.

umblepie said...

Well done Father.

Minney Madness said...

did you know? you're on pray tell blog father! now you've made it into the mainstream.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Is that really "the mainstream"? It is blog I never read.

Glad they are interested in bus blessing though.

Gigi said...

So sorry to have been away for the bus-blessing! I actually caught a number 7 part of the way back from the station just now, and hoped it would be "Mother Riccarda", but no!
I hear that St Mary Mag's and Father Ray were also on Meridian News? Good work!

momangelica said...

Love the song accompanying the video. Brings back memories of the 1960's. Love Bo Diddley beat!

"Magic Bus" is a song written by Pete Townshend at the time of My Generation in 1965, but not recorded by The Who until 1968. It is one of the band's most popular songs and has been a concert staple. The record reached #26 in the United Kingdom and #25 in the United States.[1]

The song's arrangement uses a Latin percussion instrument known as claves. These are pairs of small wooden sticks that make a distinctive high pitched clicking noise when struck together. The Who previously used the same instrument on the song Disguises, recorded in 1966.

The song makes use of the Bo Diddley beat.[2]

Православный физик said...

Beautiful Father

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