Friday, March 02, 2012

Locus Iste

Monday's choir
Bruckner's Locus Iste from Monday nights Mass click here, do listen it is beautiful.

Our music isn't always this good, on Monday we had a quartet of young professionals from Oxford and semi-professionals from Brighton - people who are generous enough to help us out.
Normally, like most parish choirs we are entirely dependant on the gifts God gives us. All God's gifts are welcome, however, it would be wonderful if everyone could read music, had good pitch and could sing in parts but it never quite works like that.
But isn't it wonderful that generally Catholic music is getting better.

Our usual choir
If you want to join our choir go here and make content.


JARay said...

I would join you if I could but distance is the problem.

Michael Clifton said...

Yes that Locus Iste is a great piece of music. I doubt if we could do it at New Malden but I might mention it. Your own choir seems to be one short on the male side.. .Bet it is a a Tenor, they are hard to get hold of !