Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trad Mass: Experiment #2

Having decided to abandon the previous experiment of celebrating the Traditional Mass at 9am fom Easter day, I have decided to move it to the other end of the day at 6.30pm from Low Sunday - we'll see how it goes.

I don't always but here I agree with Michael Vorris.
Trad Mass produces vocations, two of the younger men who serve it are off this summer to try their vocations, sadly not with our diocese. Do pray for them.
Trad Mass attracts and produces parents dedicated to passing on the faith to their children, not that we have that many young families here.
Trad Mass inspires young people to deepen their prayer life and to seek to understand the theology and history of the Church.
Trad Mass appeals to men, especially young men.
Trad Mass is evangelical.

The problem is for many younger people 9am is too early, especially if you have been up until late working or partying or if you have to travel some distance to get here.


pelerin said...

I am sorry Fr Ray's original experiment was not supported. However it is not only the younger people who found 9 am too early! The Sunday bus service here in Brighton is very bad and although I wanted to attend I found it impossible at that hour.

Having looked up Low Sunday (which I could not find in my Catholic diary or Catholic Calendar) I see that it is the Sunday after Easter. The Brighton Marathon is on that day so an evening Mass will be perfect and I will not have to try and cross the hoards of runners as they will hopefully all have reached their destination by then!

I am delighted to learn that two of the altar servers are off to try their vocations and assure them of my prayers.

johnf said...

Off topic, but I can't resist this, Father.
did you see this photograph of Fidel Castro in audience with the Holy Father in the Telegraph today.

Dominie Mary Stemp said...

will be interesting to see if the 'new translation' of the Novos Ordo produces vocations.

Anonymous said...

I think you will have better success with this, Father. Just please advertise.

amator Dei said...

Despite all the hype over the EF it doesn't sound as if people are that committed to it if they won't get up on Sunday for 9 am. Heroes of the faith are sadly not that heroic these days!

Ma Tucker said...

May God bless your good efforts with many spiritual fruits.

David Joyce said...

Sorry to hear that, Father.

Our 8am Mass by the SSPX on Sundays is packed full of families and younger people every Sunday. However, it does rely on people having their own transport, so perhaps this is not quite the case in Brighton. However, the Oratory is Oxford is also 8am, so maybe there is just too much partying going on in Brighton... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I find this mighty funny.

Prior to Pius XII, all Masses were canonically celebrated only in the morning, with obligatory fast for those receiving Holy Communion from the previous midnight.

Thus, you stumble on old parish schedules (I've seen them) from the '40's of the first Mass on Sunday celebrated at 6am with the last never later than 10 o'clock.

What would these poor sleepy souls have done under such barbaric conditions?

Sixupman said...

Pre-Vatican II:

Sunday's - 0700, 0800, 0930, 1100 [no Communion].

Weekday's - 0700 for workers and other times.

How times have changed.

Interestingly, The Holy Name Manchester has a weekday 0700 Mass well attended and an 1700 Mass equally so. Both Ad Orientem and joyfully at a side altar.

FrBT said...


What happened to the first Sunday after Easter being now named Divine Mercy Sunday?

I am sure that Blessed John Paul II renamed this Sunday after he canonised St Faustina in 2000 in Rome.

I understand that there are many Graces available in saying the novena to the Divine Mercy (which begins on Good Friday) and going to confession within the Octave of the day and going to Mass on the day.


Emily said...

Dear Fr. Ray,
Sorry I've only just managed to check back, thank for your reply and your continuing to celebrate the Low Mass now on Sunday evenings, we will certainly come along at that time each week and know of at least one person to start with who will come along too. It does seem like it might be a better time as well. Thank you Fr. Ray, God bless, Emily.

Pétrus said...

Just to clarify the last early EF mass will be the 9am mass on Easter Day?

Savio said...

Dear Father Blake
Trad Mass sounds so like a fad. In my time Holy Mass was always referred to as Mass and Catholics always went to Mass or to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to give it its full name. Protestants always went to church or to service. Trad Mass does not suggest the Real Presence or Transubstantiation. Clearly the world I live in is not the world I was born into. Even well loved and respected priests often speak imprecisely and in a different tongue than formally.

Fr Ray Blake said...

9am Easter Day
6.30pm the next Sunday

Anonymous said...

I think the title "Trad Mass" is v offputting..I just like to go to Mass not a "fad" Mass as Savio sound rather "quaint" in this post!

Ken said...

While I am interested in the Latin Mass myself, and have occasionally longed for a homily that actually mentions sin (and have been known to mutter under my breath about "hippie hymns" -- so pardon me while I see to this log in my eye), the approach in this video strikes me as just short of "I'm going to sneer you to my side of the argument."

Does that really work for anybody -- even if the target has it coming? (St. Augustine is tapping me on the shoulder even now.)

mikesview said...

Yes, there is surely only 'Mass' (and, yes, in Latin), the only qualifying descriptions being Low, Sung, High, Pontifical, Nuptial, Requiem. Quite a list actually. But NOT, please, 'Trad', Tridentine, Spanish, English, Polish, Tagalog, African, Family, School etc.
6.30pm from LOW Sunday onwards; sounds like a wise decision, Father, and deserving of Easter prayers for your success.

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