Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cui Bonum

Brendan O'Neill writes on gay marriage and asks who benefits. He says there is there is hardly a great groundswell of public opinion demanding it. It didn't appear in anyone's election manifesto, even amongst "Gay" activists it is hardly a burning issue, it has certainly not been a long standing demand. Instead it is a free gift from David Cameron, an assault by him on those of a "religious or redneck persuasion."


Shane said...

Perhaps it's time to get rid of state recognition of marriage altogether and replace it with civil partnerships (open to non conjugal relationship)?

Fr Ray Blake said...

No I didn't, I meant the "the good of who" but "cui bonum" will do.

nickbris said...

They have been pulling out all the stops to get their grubby hands on the "Pink Pound";now that misfit Old Etonian leader thinks he will go after the "Pink Vote".

This strategy will fail miserably as he has not cottoned on yet that the majority in the Gay community do not want the marriage that he is promoting out of the blue.

What with curbing child allowance,introducing "Mansion Tax",freezing the pay of the lowest earners,flogging off the NHS to the greedy individuals who have almost destroyed us,Mr Cameron is heading for the Wilderness.

Lawyeratwork.com said...

There are two points to consider, here, Father Ray;(if I may suggest)

The 'pink pound' or the 'lavender brigade' are we talking in huge numbers or perhaps a few thousand people nationwide?

If the number is very big - than I suggest that mankind has some very serious issues which need to be addressed.

Also, this 'consultation' propsal.

Is this going to be a fully Democratic Consultation or has the Prime Minister been drinking too many Russian Vodkas and took lessons from The Master of You will do As I Say and all the people will like it?

Prime Minister;
Someone in your Offices may follow this Blog. It would not suprise me.

What you propose in the redefinition of the status of Marriage is absolutely ludicrous.

You may state that this is a consultation about the subject, however, it seems to me that there is aleady a foregone conclusion and a decision has already been made.

You may or may not gain some votes if you succeed. Also, Sir you may anger and disgust your voters, who will turn away from you.

Any Leader who disregards the statements of directions on morals from Christian/ Religious Leaders is very foolish.

Prime Minster listen to the words of the Religious Leaders. Do not disregard them.

The House prays before commencing daily deliberations. How can you pray in the morning and condemn the existing solemnity of the Sacrament of Marriage, in the afternoon?


Anonymous said...

@ Lawyeratwork

On the consultation proposal: the statement below, together with the nod and wink game politicians play with the gay lobby raise concerns with regard thereto.

"‘We trust that the government will go ahead with its promised consultation by the end of March,’ said Ben Summerskill, Stonewall Chief Executive. ‘We also trust that the government will publish a White Paper, consulting on the detail of how to implement its proposal, and not a Green Paper which merely consults on the wider principle. This simple two-page Bill of five clauses need not occupy a significant amount of parliamentary time. It could easily be included in the Queen’s Speech in May.’

God bless