Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Olympics #3: 100,000 Condoms

I must say I rather enjoyed the Olympic opening ceremony, especially the egalitarian lighting of the "cauldron", it was good to see Cameron's big society given visual form and it was wonderful to see how billions of pounds could be spent in such a short time, though I guiltily wonder just how many NHS hip ops that was or whether the money could have been spent on mosquito nets in the third world - but that is the Judas question, so we shouldn't go there. I hadn't realise that the industrial revolution changed us from Hobbits to Orks but others have said that but it was a useful metaphor to use on Life Sunday.

I don't know when the "show" bit started to become so important and preceded the march of the future the worlds PE teachers but what I can't get my head around is why, apparently 100,000 condoms were distributed to the competitors.


Tonia Marshall said...

Another well chosen photo!

Physiocrat said...

Perhaps the condoms were a ruse to encourage the competitors' athletes to wear themselves out so they would be too tired to compete properly next day.

Genty said...

Conversely, one of the heartening scenes yesterday was Olympic gold medal winner Bradley Wiggins cycling back slowly from the finishing line and anxiously scanning the clamouring crowd for his family.

nickbris said...

I must have misread it somewhere but I thought Condoms were to promote "Safe Sex" and to stop the spread of Aids and other STD's.Cafod recommends them to solve problems in places where Aids is rife.

They have always been useful to protect money in Monsoon weather and when we used to smoke they were handy to protect the cigarettes & matches.

The opening ceremony in my opinion was the biggest load of embarrassing rubbish I have ever seen and when hiding behind the couch didn't work I had to go to bed.

Frederick Jones said...

Was there any hint that the industrial revolution replaced rural slums with little hope of improvement with industrial ones with much hope?

Pablo the Mexican said...

Every four years the Kingdom of Satan puts on a show.

This year it was in England, with the blasphemous replacement for the Holy Mother participating in the show.

Queen Elizabeth, she who started the Industrial revolution, had sold her soul to the Devil for forty years reign.

The answer to this evil is a return to Tradition; an agrarian lifestyle.

Oh, and the For Greater Glory Movie that is 'supposedly' Catholic:

A crucifix is placed in a shotglass and the actor drinks from it.

This is as big a blasphemy as placing one in urine.

The actor is a Novus Ordo Catholic, but even he should have known better.

He is a fruit of the Springtime.


Pablo the Mexican said...

They should be taken out and shot.

Blasphemy should be taken seriously.

Mr. Putin is still a stinking commie, but even this Christ hater knows to win a War, you go to Heaven for victory:

"In this sign you shall conquer"

From youtube:

'Revival of Orthodoxy In Russia (Exhibition in Moscow)'

Viva Cristo Rey!


Physiocrat said...

Pablo, how does a country return to an agrarian lifestyle.

Nice video of Orthodoxy. All they need to do now is bury Lenin and put a shrine on the spot to venerate the memory of the victims of Communism.

Gigi said...

I didn't watch the opening ceremony because my TV and aerial are still sulking, but recent reportage of the "show" and now the comments on this page have truly confused me. Why the condoms?? Hobbits?? And who does Pablo want shot?? Wasn't this supposed to be about the unifying energy of competitive sport?
The worst thing of all - no, not just Gary Lineker - is that after all the sweeping up and pulling down, these "games" have far from paid for themselves. So somebody else will have to. Another rousing chorus in praise of our NHS anyone? Let the cuts then begin.

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