Saturday, July 08, 2017

Orgies and scandals

From the news it would seem that Vatican City is awash with gay orgies, but actually apart from the name of the cleric involved and the fact that Cardinal Cocopalmiero was the tenant of the flat in the Palace of the Holy Office and had been the close friend and patron of the prelate who seems not to have been arrested but take to hospital for a drug overdose, little seems to have been disclosed not even an estimate of the numbers involved. However it does seem as if there is a certain lack of a moral compass in the Vatican.

I am shocked by orgies happening in the Vatican, if indeed they are. I was shocked by news of a CDF employee who has left the priesthood to form a liaison with his homosexual lover but though these things are very sad, they happen.

What I find more shocking is the way in which Cardinal Mueller has been treated. It makes me think of a parishioner who was kind to everyone outside of his family but at home scarcely spoke to his wife and neglected his children, As the years progressed it became apparent that the neglect developed into sexual abuse and the silence towards the wife evolved into serious physical/psycho-sexual abuse of her.

In the Vatican I don't know what is going on but it seems very strange, if Cardinal Mueller is to be believed that he was told of his dismissal at the very last moment of his term of office and in the most perfunctory way - from the reports, "[the Pope] communicated his decision", it is unclear that the Cardinal even had an audience with the Pope, it might have been a message or even an email was sent from a third person. Mueller's account of his sacking seems to lack even the warmth of his account of his audience with the Pope a few months ago when he asked for reasons why he should sack three priests from the CDF, he wasn't given a reason, Francis merely ended the audience, according to Mueller, by saying, "I am the Pope". Mueller could of course be mistaken or deliberately lying but if not it would seem to suggest that there is a serious problem at the head of the Church.

Similarly Pope Francis failure to meet with the Cardinals before the last Consistory seems a little strange, presumably they had come to Rome from all parts of the world to speak to the Pope and not just to add a splash of scarlet to photographs of the ceremony. Even if other Popes have done the same, Francis is after all the Pope of de-centralisation, of accompaniment, of synodality, of collaboration, of parrhesia. I am left wondering if the Holy Father's excessively heavy workload, lack of holidays and time off, at his age has left him and the Church with mental health concerns. In the past of course he has often spoken of his psychological needs.

Pray for him.

According to Italian media reports, Pope Francis has started isolating himself in the refectory of the Casa Santa Marta where he is living. Until now, the table, where he was eating, was in the center of the refectory. Now it is in a corner. Francis is eating with his back toward the others surrounding himself with a few selected table companions.


Francis said...

Of course, if Francis is mentally ill and is being medicated for mental health symptoms, a successor pope will have all the weapons he needs to launch a ground-up review of all of Francis' public teaching, and to revise Francis' teaching documents as required to conform them to tradition and the deposit of faith.

Much cleaner than declaring Francis a heretic and incurring the opprobrium of the world -- and 75% of the Catholic Church.

Sitsio said...

The rank hypocrisy on full display in the Vatican these days makes me feel so sad.

Purcell - Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Be Angry

Unknown said...

What is the origin of this story that the Holy Father is mentally ill?

Romulus said...

With his back toward the others, you say? Dare we hope he's facing East? It would be a start.

TLM said...

As far as the orgy in the Vatican, according to many other bits and pieces reported over the years, it seems quite obvious that this wasn't the only 'gay party' to take place in or near the Vatican. According to some reports, the Vatican is teaming with actively homosexual prelates. I agree with Fr. Z that demons in fact do attach themselves to places where great sin has occurred, and if he were in charge he would send exorcist priests to designated places pretty much weekly to clean house, and bless all curia offices with Holy Water and even Blessed Salt on a regular basis. Even faithful Catholics seem to forget that demons play a huge roll in the destruction of the Church, and they hate our clergy (and all of us) even more than humans can understand. Hell and Satan are REAL folks, and it's a shame that we seem reluctant to use the tools of exorcism that the Church has given us to fight back. As real as our Guardian Angels are, so are the fallen Angels that roam the earth seeking the destruction of souls, and especially the souls of our Priests.

Gungarius said...

Fr Z has a very good answer to the question that Fr Ray raises:

Unknown said...

Dear Father,

I had meals in the refectory of the Casa Santa Marta during meetings of the Pontifical Academy for Life in 2014, 2015 and 2016.It was already the case in 2014 that the papal table was relatively secluded and that the Pope sat at it with his back to the room. It is difficult to imagine that a more secluded arrangement could have been achieved more recently. The message the arrangement imparts is that the Pope doesn't want to be troubled by casual approaches from the many non-curial users of the restaurant. That seems entirely reasonable. There are many things that give cause for serious concern about the present pontificate but I don't see the Pope's table arrangements as one of them.

It is good to see you back Father.

Luke Gormally

gemoftheocean said...

Which bootlicker drew the short straw to be his food taster, I wonder. I think it is evident now that Jorge Bergolio wasn't being "a man of the people" by taking his meals in the Casa.He had a two-fold ulterior motive: a) to pick up gossip to destroy people b) to cut down other people from talking about him to each other in public. Personally, I'd love to be his laundress. Underpants would be soaked in a solution of white pepper, a dash of Tobasco, and scrubbed with Lava soap. Starching them would put a button on it. Worth every second of Purgatory.

Nicolas Bellord said...

One Peter Five has the following quote about the termination of Cardinal Mueller's term of office:

In the interview with the PNP [Passauer Neue Presse], he [Cardinal Mueller] explained that Pope Francis “communicated his decision” not to renew his term “within one minute” on the last work day of his five-year-term as Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith. Additionally, he [Müller] was not given any reasons for it. “This style [sic] I cannot accept,” as Müller stressed, clearly distancing himself from the procedure of the pope. In dealing with employees, also in Rome “the Church’s social teaching should be applied.”

If this is correct there was an interview with the Pope but I am not clear what is meant by "within one minute". Did the interview last only one minute?

Anything vaguely relating to employment law seems to be absent in the Vatican!

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