Tuesday, July 31, 2007

6,000 vistors

Since Sunday I have had 6,000 visitors sent by Spirit Daily, they are all visiting the post I put up then, on the Sacrament of Annointing.
Many thanks.
I suppose though this is an indication of the tremendous number of readers American sites have, normally I get 225 and 300 visitors a day, which for an English blog isn't bad.

My thanks too to those who come back to the blog time and time again, and to other bloggers who link to Saint Mary Magdalen, and occassionally tip hats, mantillas, birettas or saturni to this one.


Bonnie said...

Many thanks to you! I love reading your comments, stories and insights. God bless you, your loved ones and all those you serve. You are in my prayers, Father.

nickbris said...

Congratulations Father it is an excellent site.

Mac McLernon said...

As, I think, the only mantilla-twitching individual on the blogosphere, may I thank you for your kind words and congratulate you on your increased readership!