Monday, July 23, 2007

No News

from Rorate Caeli, I love this, so Benedictine.

Best report from the Pope's vacation in the Cadore region.In an evening stroll last Friday, the Pope met a few villagers (Apcom):

"Good evening!", he said. "What an honor, Holiness...", some answered. A lady reminded him of her having sent a bouquet of stelle alpine [edelweiss]. "Yes, that is true, thank you!", the Pope answered. "I sent you mushrooms," another one said. "Ah, yes, the mushrooms, I have eaten them," said Ratzinger.

Then, approaching the journalists who expected him with open notepads, he shook their hands and asked them: "Why do you write? There is no news...".

Quite true.

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Mulier Fortis said...

How very restrained of the parents to hang back... don't know if I'd have been that shy and retiring!!!

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