Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Diversity Training" to be Mandatory in Spanish Schools

MADRID,( - The socialist government of Spain, while facing increasing domestic skepticism for its social re-engineering policies, has declared that "diversity" education will become a compulsory part of the schools curriculum starting in the new academic year.

The new Education to Citizenship subject, set by the Ministry of Education, will include training in acceptance of the new realities of "gay marriage.

The curriculum will teach children to accept "diverse family situations" and include training in "overcoming homophobic prejudice," and rejection of "discrimination" with regard to gender.

In the parlance of the international pan-sexual movement, that encompasses radical feminism and homosexual identity politics, "gender" is an almost infinitely malleable social construct, having little to do with biology or reproduction. Groups at United Nations conferences have proposed such recognition for up to eleven "genders" including male homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, male-to-female "transgendered," asexual, hermaphrodite, and transvestite.

Babette Francis the president and National & Overseas Coordinator of the Endeavour Forum, Australia's leading UN lobbyist in pro-life and family issues, told in 2004 that such programs can be expected to be put in place all over the world as part of the international movement to deconstruct the family.

The Spanish curriculum includes lessons in "moral pluralism" the concept that there is more than one type of "morality" and that adhering to the traditional concept of moral absolutes is inherently "intolerant."

The Professionals for Ethics Association has denounced the proposal for its "moralising and indoctrinating."

Luis Carbonel, president of Concapa (National Confederation of Catholic Parents and Pupils) told Fides news agency, "Every responsible family has the obligation to refuse this school subject." Saying it is a "matter of freedom, to defend the basic and highest right to educate our children in keeping with our own principles," he denounced the government for attempting to usurp usurp the parents right to form "the consciences of their children."

Benigno Blanco, president of the Spanish Family Forum wrote a letter to the European Parliament, saying that "the government of Spain is in conflict with the families, not with the Church."

Since it came to power in a voter reaction to a series of terrorist bombings in March, 2004, the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers' Party has engaged in a program of social reconstruction in an attempt to move Spain away from its traditionally minded Christian roots.

Within a year, the new government had legalised homosexual "marriage," and adoption of children by homosexual partners. It has legalized embryonic stem cell research and the use of abortifacient birth control, and has moved to increase access to abortion, as well as attempting to eliminate mandatory religious education in the schools.

Ironically, it was fundamentalist Islamic terrorists, who despise the moral corruption of the West, that facilitated the rapid moral decline of Spain engineered by the Zapatero-led socialists.

In 2004 the socialists defeated the ruling People's Party (PP) then in power because of the political impact of the Madrid train bombings by Islamic terrorists three days before Spain's general elections. The bombing' intense highlighting of Spain's support for the Iraq war caused enough voters to switch their vote to the Socialist Party to upset what was expected to be a re-election of the PP


Anonymous said...

It looks as if we are approaching a state of affairs where western nations, having largely abandoned the Christian values upon which they were built, will soon start putting pressure on the Church to declare itself either for or against such diversity. Persecution against the Church will very likely be the next milepost on this path that these nations are taking.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this is not an issue about diversity at all. There is an occult agenda. A demonic at work. One that seeks to erase the sword of Truth. That sets up no distinction between good and evil, indeed refuses to recognise the classification. A marriage of the Satanic and the Godly, and you won't be able to distinguish one from the other.
Do you ever get the feeling that

-that the "signs of the times" are beginning to stick right in your face (alienation from ones nature, blind ideologies, disorientation).
- that John's and Daniels revelations are begining to emerge.
- that the motu proprio was a life boat for the remnant.
- that I'm beiginning to sound like one of those evangelical doomsday proponents.

I think I'd beter get back to cleaning the toilet and saying the rosary.

Anonymous said...

The "dictatorship of relativism" in action. Those were prophetic words!

Anonymous said...

I found this excerpt from a letter by the Anglican Bishop Horsley before the end of the 18th Century:

The Church of God on earth will be greatly reduced, as we may well imagine, in its apparent numbers, in the times of Antichrist, by the open desertion of the powers of the world. This desertion will begin in a professed indifference to any particular form of Christianity, under the pretence of universal toleration; which toleration will proceed from no true spirit of charity and forbearance, but from a design to undermine Christianity, by multiplying and encouraging sectaries. The pretended toleration will go far beyond a just toleration, even as it regards the different sects of Christians. For governments will pretend an indifference to all, and will give a protection in preference to none. All establishments will be laid aside. From the toleration of the most pestilent heresies, they will proceed to the toleration of Mahometanism, Atheism, and at last to a positive persecution of the truth of Christianity.

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