Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Patron's Feast

After Mass about half the congegation came to venerate the relic and to ask her intercession.
After the party
A little party after the party, outside the local, one of our Parish Centres.


Philip Andrews said...

Father, what a wonderful celebration. This time last year, we had to endure the pathetic taunts of the 'Da Vinci Code-ites' who shrieked how 'anti' Mary Magdalene we all were. Let's hope they see your pictures.

Jo said...

I love relics

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Beautiful vestments.
Beautiful church.
And the party after the party outside the "Parish Centre" appears to be taking place in bright sunshine.
(Everywhere else it is raining, has been raining, or is about to rain.)
Lucky parishioners.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Dr Wright,
You see you don't have HER as your patron.

Fr Pancras Cluny said...

Is the coped figure on whom St Mary Magdalene is resting an Arundel & Brighton canon doing penance?

Pelerin said...

Thank you so much, Father, for such a beautiful ceremony this morning. I was deeply moved and it was such a joy to be able to sing the Credo with the once familiar music.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Yes, one of my penitents.

Benfan said...

Splendid job. What a beautiful church you have. I think you could teach Westminster a thing or two about saintly dress codes!
Mary Magdalene looked so wonderful I thought it was an apparition!
Blessings to you all on this feast day.

Andrew said...

How very very trad, Father. Kudos!

Your hippies must be having fits =)

Joee Blogs said...