Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pope COULD celebrate old Mass

In an ADNKRONOS story, we read:
The Pope: Could celebrate the Mass of St. Pius V in public
Signs point to the First Sunday of Advent – The Director of "Latinitas", at last we will have a
common prayer of praise to God.The Pope could celebrate publicly Mass in Latin according to the Rite of St. Pius V. An official introduction of the Rite which, as far as ADNKRONOS has learned from authoritative Vatican sources, could take place on the 1st Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the liturgical year.
hat tip Fr Zuhlsdorf

Rumours abound in Rome that the Holy Father celebrates Mass according to the Traditional Rite when there is just his household present. However when a couple of acquaintances of mine attended his Mass on the morning before their wedding, it was in the Pauline usage. Before becoming Pope he happily offered Mass in both forms. The picture shows him celebrating an ordination in the old rite at the Seminary of the Society of St Peter at Wigratzbad in Germany.


Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I would treat this rumour with caution.
And I really do not think people should seriously expect the return of the sedia gestatoria, flabella, and all the papal ceremomy of olden days. Good heavens, they would have to resurrect the old Papal Court and all its pomp. Not a very likely scenario !
But a public celebration by the Pope of Mass in the old form (which we know he is familiar with from his days as as a cardinal,) would send the most powerful signal that the 1962 Missal was never abrogated and is held in highest esteem by the Church.
Yes, I know it already says so in "Summorum Ponitificum", but actions speak louder than words.

Philip Andrews said...

A papal High Mass in the Extraordinary Rite would convince the 'undecideds' of its beauty.

However, the Holy Father celebrates the new Mass with beauty and reverence. I can think of few bishops who might like to take note of how it's done.