Thursday, July 19, 2007

S.Gregorio dei Muratori

The little Church of S. Gregorio dei Muratori with its odd rickety candlesticks is just along the road from the Domus Paulus VI where I was staying in Rome. I went along just out of curiosity as it is the Society of St Peter's Roman Church, thinking I might find the text of Summorum Pontificum. Mass had already begun, it was celebrated by a young French priest with rather beautiful Latin, I was by far the oldest person in the congregation, the tiny Church was only half full, but what struck me was that all of the congregation were half my age, a few men but mostly young women, one or two very elegant, most dressed simply in mantillas. It was the youthfulness that impressed me, I popped into another Church a few streets away, far more in the congregation but there I was more or less the youngest, except for a few guitar players who looked very bored when they were not strumming. Such an interesting contrast.


Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Sorry to leave my comments plastered all over your blogspot, but I'm most enthusiastic about your trip to Rome.
So you made it to the church of San Gregorio dei Muratori.
I wondered if you'd find it.
It's rather hidden way, isn't it.
You know, I can smell the interior of it now.
Of course, the priests there will tell you it is in need of renovation. One of them told me the old wiring actually starts to smoulder sometimes.
And bits of stucco occasionally drop off the walls.
But it seems to be one of the few churches in Rome not to have been washed and scrubbed nearly to death for the Holy Year in 2000.
Have you read its history ?
It's on the FSSP in urbe website at
And they have some smashing pictures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

"...most dressed simply in mantillas. "

Did you mean that they were dressed only in mantillas or were dressed simply, wearing mantillas? lol

Fr Ray Blake said...

What do you think?

Patrick O'Leary said...

Oh dont spoil it. I like to picture these elegant ladies dressed only in mantillas

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Patrick !
You must put such impure thoughts out of your mind immediately !
Though it does make the mind boggle somewhat, doesn't it ?
I suspect I'm being as naughty as you are.