Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Benedictine Nuns of Notre Dame de L'Annonciation

Video of The Benedictine Nuns of Notre Dame de L'Annonciation on their new album Voices Of Avignon, available from Amazon.


Jeffrey Steel said...

Wonderful! Just purchased from I-Tunes.

pelerin said...

Yes the music really reaches heavenward - interesting to read one comment on You Tube where it appears:-
'So beautiful, I don't know about God but Catholics make such beautiful music.'

Non-Catholics still associate Gregorian chant with us and when films want to give us a Catholic atmosphere, Gregorian chant pops up again. And yet how many Catholics actually hear it each week? If the writer of the comment had attended a typical Sunday Mass
with perhaps the Clapping Gloria and various modern hymns would he have used the same words 'Catholics make such beautiful music? I don't think so.

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