Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pope v Dalai Lama

Sorry to go on about sex but I thought you might be amused(?) by this vox pop video on the views of the Pope versus the Dalai Lama. h/t ACBP
I am not sure that the Dalai Lama's teaching is his own or the teaching of Tibetan Buddhisms. I am rather sick of people describing the teaching of the Catholic Church as being the Pope's personal teaching.


georgem said...

No, hang on a minute. I'd have got most of those wrong . . . . .

Annie said...

I showed this to some 'youth' of my acquaintance a bit ago, and they were gratifyingly rather surprised, to put it mildly :D

Ma Tucker said...

Ha, ha. Well, a least the Pope is seen as the reference point for moral teaching. The illicitness of "relations" during the day did strike me as very uncatholic.

me said...

Well I never! Fancy that.

Jonathan said...

Well, while we're on the subject can other commentators help with my catechesis. Even if the pope didn't say those things, all but one and a half are essentially church teaching, right?
1.Homosexual relations-illicit
2.Sex organs must be used for reproduction-doesn't all licit sex have to be open to new life?
3.Abortion-gravely evil
6.Oral Sex-As long as you eventually comply with No.2 I assume it's okay?
7. Anal sex, even in marriage - Illicit, right?
8. Diurnal Sex - Fine.

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