Friday, July 01, 2011

Blog on Gloria!

That nice lady on Gloria TV reports on my words on Corpus Christi, she starts her report by a story about an Austrian parish, which seems amazing.
Amazing that the local Bishop hasn't excommunicated the parish priest, placed the parish under interdict and sent in a team of catechists to teach the Catholic.
We can whinge amd whine about our English Church's mediocrity but I really can't imagine any of our Bishops tolerating this kind of heretical nonsense, or the "Western Mass", or the Lintz Corpus Christi Procession.


Michael said...

Here's another TV celebrity (-: who wonders about the "mediocrity" of the Church and its failure to keep the baptised in the Faith.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Congratulations on making the news!

Some years ago a teacher at Dublin City University told me that few students attended the daily weekday Mass. But when there was a holyday of obligation the chapel was always full, the students choosing to go to Mass without any parent looking over their shoulders.

The Irish bishops some years ago transferred both the Ascension and Corpus Christi to the following Sunday. Back in the early 60s - I can't remember the year but I was still in the seminary - the Irish bishops dropped the Epiphany and moved it to Sunday while retaining New Year's Day as a holyday. I remember Fr Fergus O'Higgins, a saintly curate in our parish, quietly expressing that perhaps this wasn't a great idea. Within a couple of year Epiphany was restored to its proper date.

On the other hand, the Immaculate Conception is a holyday of obligation in the Philippines, the only one part from Christmas and New Year's Day, and despite the fact that under that title our Blessed Mother is the Patroness of the country, I would say that a majority of regular Massgoers don't attend. It's a holiday in Catholic schools but most students attend state schools.

epsilon said...

Is this what you're talking about, Michael?

Michael said...

@ epsilon
Yes that's the one. I find Voris a little heavy but these stats are depressing, especially from Ireland.
Sounds like he was genuinely shocked.
Actually I am too! Don't know about you?
It must have been my typo this morning. Can't see why anyone would want to remove it! We have to face facts.

Physiocrat said...

That Austrian priest looks as if he is modelling himself on some TV chef.

Patricia Phillips said...

No, the bishops allow worse over here. Openly practising homosexuals are given their own Mass in Soho and encouraged to receive Holy Communion. Look at this post from Terry Weldon, one of the Committee members and Eucharistic Ministers at this Mass:-

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