Thursday, July 14, 2011

Choir Blog

I have just learnt from our choir's blog what is happening on our patronal feast day, it is a little Haydn. I had agreed we would celebrate to our normal Friday evening Traditional Latin Mass, along with the Ordinary Form in the morning, and keep her feast as External Solemnity on the following Sunday too. We are also celebrating her as an end of term school Mass on the preceeding Wednesday.

I am very greatful to Clare our director of music for gathering singers together, especially those in the parish who can't read music and friends from local churches, and further afield who can. At times the music here can be incredibly beautiful. I was very moved by the music on Good Friday which was sung by Clare and some women friends who really love the Church's music. They have just started having master classes at St Cecelia Abbey with the choirmistress. I love women singing chant.

Check out our Choir blog, there are also some pictures of last Saturday's High Mass celebrated by a newly ordained German priest Fr Kernach.
The following are photographs taken by Nick Bristow one of our paishioners.
Mass ended with the Te Deum with incensing of the altars, then Father gave first blessings, which not on their blog.

I do love those vestment, very 1930's, very noble and yet simple, yes, the albs are not not very nice.

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