Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Feast Day

Maria Magdalene, et altera Maria emerunt aromata,
ut venientes ungerent Iesum.
Et valde mane una Sabbatorum,
veniunt ad monumentum,
orto iam sole, alleluia.

Et intro euntes in monumentum
viderunt iuvenem sedentem in dextris,
coopertum stola candida, et obstupuerunt.
Qui dixit illis: Iesum quem quaeritis
Nazarenum, crucifixum:
surrexit, non est hic,
ecce locus ubi posuerunt eum.


parepidemos said...

A very happy patronal feast day to you and your parishioners.

Gigi said...

Happy Feast Day to you too Father Ray! Lovely music - thank you.
I've been fond of St Mary Magdalen since I was about seven or eight. I used to have hair so long I could sit on it, and one day a lay teacher told me, rather ill-advisedly, that I had hair like a "regular little Mary Magdalen". Quite how my Dad answered my questions at that time, I don't know.
Part of my Dad's family moved from Belgium to the South of France, so I was used to seeing the most glorious depictions of the Magdalen there. Like some other followers of this blog, I don't think it's particularly helpful to focus on whether this lady had been a prostitute, an adulteress, or simply a beautiful woman who allowed her head (and hair) to be turned by vanity and arrogance. I'm moved that the risen Christ appeared to Mary Magdalen before others; because she was a penitent sinner "who loved much".

umblepie said...

Happy Feast Day Father, to you and all in your parish.

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