Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sister Teresita,

If you haven't heard of her before, I think you will enjoy this.
Sr Teresita 103, she joined her Cistercian convent in Guadalajara on the day Pope Benedict was born. She is going to meet him during world Youth Day.


pelerin said...

What a wonderful nun. She radiates happiness, obviously has all her faculties and does not even seem to need glasses to read. I do hope she is able to meet Pope Benedict. Thanks for showing this Father - it has given me a much needed boost to my morale which is a bit low at present.

me said...

How like Jesus she is! Wonderful, encouraging video, as pelerin said.

parepidemos said...

Such a radiant beam of joy. Her eyes twinkle with God's grace. What a beautiful example for the youth of today. May her wish to meet Benedict XVI be granted.

georgem said...

Sister Teresita is the living proof of Jesus' stricture: "Unless you become like little children . . . "
She has all the openness and innocence of a child in her relationship with Christ.
I do like her matter-of-factness. No browbeating. No over-internalising. God called. She answered. What a role model.

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