Monday, February 05, 2007

Coronation of Pius XII

This is a clip from an Italian film on his life preceeding the Papacy, hence the narration for the first half. Although the video quality is rather poor, it is still an interesting historical piece.

I love the habits of those nuns.

Today I had a visit from Fr Jonathan Martin, who is study Canon Law in Rome, he wanted a mention on the blog, incidently he looks strangely like Pius XII, hence the video. Other trivia about him, he lives in the same house as Fr John Zuhlsdorf and who I learnt today was taught the Viola da Gamba by Alison Crum who tried teach me, that is Fr Jonathon not Fr John.


Anonymous said...

What's a Viola da Gamba?

Anonymous said...

It was deeply moving to see Pope Piux XII on film again. He dominated the world as a spiritual leader when I was young as few others popes up till then. I love him still. In those days converts flocked into the Church because they thought they really were joining something. I don't deprecate all the changes since Vatican II (many are improvements), but I do miss the loss of a sense of cccasion and the emphasis on the Holy Father as monarch as well as the Vicar of Christ. There was a wonderful spontaneity shown in this hallowed ceremony which truly showed the Church to be the Mother of us all. The sense of theatre was like a birthday treat that went on for ever. Catholicism was so enjoyable then. I thought Pope Pius XII was a living saint and think so still. I seek his interecession regularly and I hope the way will soon be cleared for his canonisation. Thank you, Fr Ray, for letting your readers see him again and perhaps also for the first time.

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