Thursday, February 22, 2007

Triregno returns

Fr Zuhlsdorf announced that the Triregno, the Papal Tiara, has returned to adorn the brow of the statue of the Prince of the Apostles on the Feast of the Chair of the Apostle Peter.
Over the last two years people have searched for it in vain but this year.... ecce!


Londiniensis said...

No, no, he didn't. The photo is from 2005. Fr Z actually writes: The famous statue used to be dressed up on 22 February and 29 June. They used to use the tiara and the cotta griccia ... but no more.

Londiniensis said...

Apologies for my previous comment - having gone back to Fr Z's blog, I find that he has updated it:

UPDATE! It’s baaaaack! The papal tiara, or triregno is back on the head of the bronze statue of St. Peter in the Basilica today. For the last couple years, it was politically correctly absent.

surge said...

Father of Princes and Kings, Ruler of the World, Christ's Vicar on earth, to whom honour and glory are given by Surge

Anonymous said...

Thank God it's back, it should never have been removed.