Thursday, February 08, 2007

Requiescat in pace

Pray for the soul of Second Lieutenant Jonathan Carlos Bracho-Cooke, who was 24. He became the 100th British soldier to be killed in Iraq, his family live in St Mary's, Preston Park, a neighbouring Brighton parish. Argus story here

His mother is active in helping prepare couples for marriage in the deanery.

There are so many soldiers who are related to members of my parish, their parents are desperately worried. How important it is that we pray for their safety and for an end to this War.


Anonymous said...

I've followed the link to the local paper and was deeply moved to read of this courageous young man's good and edifying life. It is a tragedy that it has been wasted in this way. I shall pray for his soul and his family and have a Mass said for him. People like him put some of the commentators on your post below into the underworld they deserve to inhabit.

Anonymous said...

I am sure we are all destined for the underworld, anonymous, but hopefully you will pray for our forgiveness and redemption and in turn we will pray for the remarkable courageousness of this young lad and for the end to the conflict in iraq.

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