Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pius XII canonising Pius X

There are some rather wonderful pictures of Pius XII at the canonisation of Pius X at Hallowed Ground.
While you are there look at the old pictures of Lourdes.

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Anonymous said...

I went to 'mass' at St Patrick's believing it to be a catholic church. The beggars outside draped in rosaries assured me it was catholic. Inside there was a ridiculous flying saucer above the altar. The deacon seemed to take charge...he had quite a charisma and I had to be kissed before communion (yuk!) ....It didn't feel like mass and the service was a bit cultish and pagan. Afterwards they informed me it was high anglican and they considered themselves catholic. I was a bit embarrassed. I love my Anglican 'brothers' but the service is simply not Catholic. I wish they had some sort of sign outside/inside because it is very misleading....I would have left the service early on when the deacon was talking about finding God at Mecca and Tibet bt they had me trapped in a circle round the altar!

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