Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Plans to outlaw inciting gay hate

from the BBC
Plans to make inciting hatred against gay people a crime have been announced by Justice Secretary Jack Straw.
The law would cover gay, lesbian and bisexual people and may be extended to cover disabled and transgender people.
Mr Straw said it was time for the law to recognise society was "appalled by hatred and invective" directed at people because of their sexuality.
He told MPs the changes would be made as amendments to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill.
He said: "It is a measure of how far we have come as a society in the last 10 years that we are now appalled by hatred and invective directed at people on the basis of their sexuality.
"It is time for the law to recognise this."

I am rather proud that Bosey, Oscar Widle's friend, used to come to Mass here in his old age, some people still remember him. I certainly don't think we want homophobic rap lyrics, which is what Stonewall claim it is about.
I was actually brought up to believe it was bad manners to discuss individuals sexuality.

The trouble is I do not trust our government and especially I don't trust Mr Straw. I don't trust what they will do in our schools. I don't trust what they want to do with our civil liberties, our government is not good on them, we have seen them eroded and eroded, time and time again.

I am worried that I will not be able speak about the politics of the Gay Movement. I am concerned that we will not be able to speak about the superiority of a life long marriage open to children. I am concerned that we will not be able to suggestion that being "Gay" is actually not according to God's order or plan and is not a good or moral "lifestyle choice".

I suppose what I am really worried about is the margnalisation of any concept of sexual morality in our society.


Anonymous said...

More depravity enshrined in law. What's with this Country?

We always knew that the SOR's were merely the thin edge of the wedge. Where will this nonsense end I wonder. And to so generously extend this 'hate crime law' to include the disabled in the same group as homosexuals and the transgendered just beggars belief! I'm sure disabled people are going to be happy about that one.

Oh yes, and let's be very temperate about expressing our religious views, in fact we'll have to completely rewrite the Bible so as not to upset anyone because the Word of God is not politically correct in today's enlightened and liberated society.

Fraternal Correction and Acts of Christian Charity - RIP.

The Zeigeist rules - OK!

Physiocrat said...

Can we have it made a crime to incite hatred of Catholics?

That would shut up the likes of journalists such as Mary Riddel and others who fill up the pages of the Grauniad and Observer. And perhaps some of the people who write for The Tablet?

Anonymous said...

I found this comment on another blog:

...just an aside on Cardinal Pell; what exactly does 'Tough line on Homosexuality' mean ? If it means he's an ardent vociferous advocate for the sanctity of marriage and the inseparability of the unitive and procreative aspects of human lovemaking and the respect they deserve at all times ? well cool ! If it means he doesn't like gay people , or argues using the ridiculously pathetic and distasteful language the bishops' conference used in the gay couple adoption debacle of last year, rather than natural law and a deep love of the homosexual to recognize the deep intrinsic moral disorder and potential anguish and unfulfilment within homosexual sexual acts which are so potentially psychologically and spiritually destructive? well that's another thing altogether....

Anonymous said...

Are you worried something like this might happe?


Anonymous said...

Richard - good link to Kevin Myers very astute observations of the rapid moral decline of our Country and how the PC zealots can bring near ruin on those who get caught up in this 'new religion'.

Those firemen should be reinstated immediately, given a public apology and compensation for the disgusting treatment they have been subjected to. As for equality courses - does this include 'practical' work? Ye gods!

Gommorah indeed - and we all know what happened there!

Anonymous said...

There are an awful lot of Thought Crimes being created by this government. It used to be the case that an Englishman could think what he liked, it was his actions for which he was accountable.

I'm clear that we mustn't change. If they feel they can charge us, charge us they must. Then we'll see how an English jury behaves. Deo Volenti.

Anonymous said...

I really surprised that you use these words to describe Homosexual life as it is not the TRUTH!

Fr Ray Blake said...

I agree with you, hence the quotes.
Same sex attraction is not necessarily something that is chosen but a "Gay" lifestyle, with its heavy sexualisation and promiscuity is often put forward as a legitimate (legally acceptable) choice, indeed this what positve legislation makes something.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a choice. Every day you have choices put in front of you. To go left or to go right, eat this or that etc... man's fallen nature unfortunately makes all the bad choices appear very nice indeed. However, to struggle against your fallen nature is what we are called to do in the Christian life. That way we rise above the state of acting merely on basal carnal instincts and grow in sanctity which is what God wants from His children. And each and every one of us is a 'child of God'. Make the right choice - do what is pleasing to God for He sees you every moment of your life. And struggle, because struggling means you have an active interior spiritual life - it's worth it.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

'Recusant's' posting has reminded me that I have been summonsed to appear on a jury next month. If chosen, I presume I will have to swear on the Holy Bible and wonder which version will be offered to me. Is there now one version for all Christians in use in court?

nickbris said...

Another blatant attempt to grab votes.At least it takes our minds off what is really going on.

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