Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Red Shoe Cult

I was very amused, I have twice been nominated as Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, by people I recognise as commenters on this blog on a national journalist's blog.

I know I would be an absolutely brilliant, but my money is on the Dalai Lama.
Unfortunately I think that people might think I am JARay, or even John Fitzgerald, which is an anagram of ..., I am not of course.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Hehehehe- you must admit though; those shoes would look good on you.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Ha! a man in red shoes! Puh!

Anagnostis said...

JARay's Australian - he actually wants you for Melbourne Archdiocese, and if it's rumoured you're up for Westminster, and...

Anonymous said...

I thought you said you would only accept Genoa, Paris or Ostia.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

No, no.
Forget all about an English diocese.
Go for a suburbicarian see.
Frascati was bombed about a bit in World War II, but the wine is inforgettable when consumed locally.

I can't remember if the see is awarded "ex officio" to curial cardinals.

I'll have to look it up.

Meanwhile, just think about a nice glass of wine outdoors on a warm evening in the Alban hills.
(Red shoes entirely optional, I would have thought)

Fr Ray Blake said...

Venice would be nice!

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

But Father !

That would make you a Cardinal

Admittedly, the architecture is very nice (especially the mosaics of San Marco).

But the canals can be somewhat smelly.

And the weather can be very wet.
(I was once there in a sirocco, and it nearly killed me.)

However, you would have a rather fine residence ...

I think I am right in saying Ostia is a suburbicarian see awarded "ex officio" to (I think) the Dean of the College of Cardinals, so Father Ray would have to take that route.
Anyway, he now seems be expressing a preference for the patriarchate of Venice.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I love Venice in the winter, such wonderful light, the house is very nice, and the Churches for the most part are splendid.

As for Ostia, yes it is what goes with it, that is attractive.
Genoa: I would love to out-Siri Siri.
Paris: I am not sure
Vienna: could be fun, low Mass with Mozart and Haydn, of course you couldn't do that in the usus antiquor.
Then there is always Braga or is it Lisbon, does anyone know if the Archbishop still has a right to Papal ornaments and rites?
If I was forced, not for me, but for the Church, Toledo (the Real one)would be acceptable - Holy Week! Mmmmm - splendid!

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Oh dear.
I really don't know too much about the Iberian peninsula.

If Father were offered the archbishopric of Braga, he would, I think, be Primate of Portugal.

As archbishop of Toledo, he would have the rank of Primate of the Visigothic kingdom of Spain, and would (presumably) have to familiarise himself with the Mozarabic rite.

This also would seem to apply to the Patriarchate of Lisbon which carries a cardinal's hat.

All three cities have magnificent buildings.
Only Lisbon enjoys a mild coastal climate.

I have searched in vain for any reference to papal privileges.
The famously hilly Lisbon is, like Rome, built on seven hills, but that is the only connection I have been able to establish.

Phil said...

You get my vote!!

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