Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Statue of Our Lady in Chelsea?

Catholic Action: please pray today for the meeting tomorrow. See the promoters site here.

From an email: Please pray for a meeting on October 10th 2007 of the Westminster City Council which is in the process of deciding whether to give Frances Scarr permission to erect a beautiful statue of Mary Most Holy on the Chelsea Embankment as a focus for prayer, as a national memorial in atonement and reparation to God for the burning of the statues and destruction of the monasteries and the national rebellion against God and his holy Church
during the Reformation.

It is hoped that this statue will be erected almost on the exact spot where Thomas Cromwell ordered the statues of Our Lady that had been seized from shrines all over England to be destroyed on bonfires, the ashes of which were then thrown into the Thames. One of those statues was that of Our Lady of Walsingham.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea - I do so hope that the project goes ahead and gets accepted.
I trust that the statue will be placed somewhere out of reach of any possible vandals or grafitti artists.

Anonymous said...

i will pray..

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

A statue of Our Lady in Chelsea ?

Well, why not ?
We already have two statues of St. Thomas More ..

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