Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Mind of a Pro-abortionist

Paulinus put this video up a few days ago.
It is a broadcast that appeared the BBC about a month ago. Virginia Ironside is 'agony aunt' of The Independent newspaper. As Paulinus says, "Takes something to shock a BBC presenter". But it is more than that it is about the polarisation of our society.


me said...

Is this woman a mother? Also, what is her own relationship with her mother like? She needs inner healing. Let's everyone who follows Father Ray's blog ask for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this woman and her conscience as she seems unhappy, yet not inhuman, just way off base. I am a mother of five sons, three of whom have serious health problems. My eldest, awaiting his fourth pacemaker. Nothing is ever taken for granted, but grace abounds if you shout for it! None of my son's medical problems are related, you wouldn't get odds at a bookie for them, but I love and trust my God. He knows what He's doing. This lady doesn't have that surety(shoore tee).
That's her eternal dilemma,sooooooo
Come on folks, prayer changes things. Posts just make us all nod our heads in agreement or otherwise. Prayer has power, let's utilize it! It's a gift.
If you can't get started with the Rosary, (which breaks my heart, 'cos literally, understood, it's simply a meditation on the gospels)then simply repeat 'Hail Mary, full of grace' because the angels in heaven repeat that, and it's good stuff, to be repeating angel's words. Especially the one's that are in the presence of God! Talk about all things passin' away, apart from the words of God. Those choice words, although delivered by an angel, were declared by God. You know you're on safe turf, when you utter them! Give that a sideways thought, you intellectuals. "My word will never pass away"(matthew 24 verse 35)

Ma Tucker said...

Can't believe this. It is quite shocking.

GOR said...

Yes, shocking, but in a sense inevitable. As we have seen with late-term and so-called ‘partial birth abortions’ here in the US, many people have no problem with killing a baby right before birth. To those people there is little material difference between such a ‘termination’ and putting a pillow over an ill newborn.

To us who believe abortion at any stage is murder, of course there is no difference. Both of them are murders.

Martin526 said...

Why is that lady dressed like a priest? Very odd.

Yeah and pretty shocking comments from the other lady too.

Vincent said...

The 'lady dressed like a priest' is Joanna Jepson, an Anglican cleric. She attempted to bring about a prosecution for unlawful killing against doctors who perfomed an abortion on a 28-week old foetus with a cleft palate. In England and Wales, abortion can only be carried out after 24 weeks if "there is a substantial risk that if the child was born it would suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped"; Jepson argued that a cleft palate would not qualify. She did not succeed in her legal challenge.

She was herself born with a jaw abnormality which was corrected by reconstructive surgery.

She's obviously a relevant guest for this programme, if the subject it 'abortion can be a kindness'.

Peter said...

I think the lady gave the qualification "if nothing else could be done".
Can there be such a case?
One might be on the battlefield where a wounded solider has no chance of medical help and is dying. Would "putting an end to his misery" be acceptable?
My suspicion is that this theoretical case would be used to justify all kinds of evil. But we should do better than issue a simple denial and have a reasoned response.
Of course the good clerical lady is a living reproach to the abortionists.

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