Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bishop McCrazy

Under the heading of "Bp McCrazy" Patrick Archibald publishes this short video, in which poor old Bishop Richard Williamson talks about his latest conspiracy theory: an atomic attack on the Olympics.

The SSPX, or at least Bishop Fellay has done his best to distance himself from the most eccentric of his co-bishops. The recent General Chapter of the SSPX seems to have been about Fellay strengthening his power base within the SSPX in order to be able to further negotiations with the Holy See. No rational person wants to see the Society fragment.
Bp Williamson was received into the Catholic Church, and almost immediately tried to join the London Oratory, but after a visit of a few weeks was judged as quite unsuitable, he then went to Econe where he was ordained priest and then chosen by Archbishop Lefebrve in 1988 to be one of the four Bishops. Many people have suggested that the Archbishop deliberately chose as bishops men who would be dispensers of sacraments rather than leaders of the "priestly society", his expectation was that a simple priest would be Superior General.
The problem is that Williamson seems to be doing everything he can to get himself expelled from the Society, he seems to want to become a Traditionalist Archbishop Malingo, having a rogue bishop around is always highly problematic for the Church. The question is will Williamson end up setting up his own Church with a few former SSPX clergy becoming madder and madder and more distant from Peter. If he does, at 72, will he then set up his own group of Episopi vagantes to continue his own Church.
His major flaw is his lack of prudence and his lack of a sense of belonging to the Catholicos both very dangerous - pray for him and for the restoration of the SSPX.


Pablo the Mexican said...

A day or two before the start of the General Chapter, Bishops Tessier and Fellay had a shouting match in the Sacristy before Mass.

"If you continue the way you are going, I will consecrate Bishops!"

A very serious threat from a Bishop that is not a "crazy" as some have painted His Excellency Bishop Williamson.

In the interests of fairness and justice, one must view the side of those Holy Priests that stand with Bishop Williamson:

Go to youtube.

In the search bar, type in SSPX Crisis.

You will find a collection of Sermons.

Of Special Note is the sermon by Father Hewko, and the July 22nd sermon of father Joseph Pfeiffer.

Gone mad?

Bishop Fellay has ordered the expulsion of many Priests from the SSPX that have dared stand up against his Reich standing instead in favor of Truth.

Listen to Father Hewko's sermon.

Moments before he gave it, he was told he better not speak out against the Bishop Fellay regime.

He spoke not one word about the Regime, nor, did he mention the 'Agreement/Sellout'.
Afterwards, the Superior General of the US SSPX chewed him out for his sermon, even before he could get unvested.

I was there.

I filmed his sermon.

Exactly who is crazy?

Father Hewko is being expelled from the SSPX for this sermon.

A sermon that contained Truth.

And it drove the SSPX Whitened Sepulcher Pharisees in to a diabolical rage.

I was there.

I spoke directly to the US Superior General and informed him on behalf of Mexican Cristeros and Guadalupanos of Tepeyac Hill, we do not support the Bishop Fellay Regime, and consider the Regime an enemy of the Kingdom of Christ.

We side with the Faithful Priests.

The Bishop Fellay regime has been renamed by us.


The Surrendered Society of Saint Pius X.

The SSPX will continue with the Faithful Priests in control.

After viewing the videos, can you tell me which of these Priests will become the Bishop that replaces the comfortable Englishman?

The one that fulfills this prophecy?:

"Priests shall be sought among those who wield the hoe, the spade, and the hammer, as David prophesied: God lifted the poor man from the fields to place him on the throne of His people."

Bishops Tessier and de Galleretta have been ordered to house arrest in Chicago and Geneva, respectively for having opposed the sellout.

Fear has been instilled in the Hearts of SSPX Priests and workers too timid to stand up.

Nuestra Senora Santa Maria de Guadalupe has a surprise in store for His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay and his Jewish Freemason controllers:

She has groomed a Lion of the Faith.

Listen to him speak; watch the videos.

Realizing this is near, the SSPX Whitened Sepulcher Pharisees are wailing and moaning as the possessed people wailed and moaned at the birth of the Virgin Mary.

The Dispenser of Divine Graces is about to raise a worker from the field.

“ I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Viva la Virgen Guadalupana!


Fr William R. Young said...

I believe that he was at Wonersh at some stage.

William Tighe said...

Why should he set up his own church when he could easily make common cause with one or the other of these two outfits?:

video creator said...

Father - the version with corrected subtitles is HERE. Would be great if you could update the post to embed that version rather than the incorrect one!

Jacques said...

One has to wonder about a man who thinks The Sound of Music is pornographic, but watches (and apparently expects his supporters to watch) V for Vendetta, which has a lesbian subplot and contains - as IMDb notes - "pictures hanging on the wall that show homosexual sexual acts; we see a close ups of a man's buttocks with a hand covering it, [and] close ups of what appear to be sexual acts between men."

Enzo the Italian said...

And we should believe your account, Pablo, because???

Fr Ray Blake said...

I have done so, thanks!

Jessica Hoff said...

Judging by this, and other pronouncements, there is another and more obvious failing in him - a want of humility and common sense.

Anonymous said...

Fr Blake,

You say the Novus Ordo so hardly in a position to question this Bishop.

Fr Ray Blake said...

So does the Pope!

Are you therefore
1, joking?
2, saying RW is beyond criticism?
3, think everyone other than RW, and yourself of course, are a green nosed, swivel eyed, masonic lizards?

Jacques said...

Seems Bishop Williamson is getting a lot of love over at the David Icke forums.

Amfortas said...

This man's ecclesiology and outlook is basically Presbyterian.

Anonymous said...

Who are you to criticise a Catholic Bishop when you belong to the Conciliar Church (so named by Cd Benelli) which none of the Catholic martyrs, saints or Popes prior to the 1950s would have recognised?

Judge this conciliar church by its fruits.

Clearly you are so seeped in liberalism that you do not recognise the Truth hence your reason for continuing to say the new mass which is offensive to Our Lord and even protestants state that they can use it without adjusting it.

It is also rather pathetic to shown a selective short passage of over 12 hours of lectures. If you have the guts then watch them all and put them all on your blog.

Also why do you not call him Bishop?

May the Holy Ghost enlighten you, not the 'holy' spirit of Vat II

Jacques said...

The full set of clips from Bishop Williamson's June conferences in Bristol have been posted here. If the intention was to make his position look attractive or reasonable, then, er...

Seriously, prayers for the SSPX, and for the good health - physical and mental - of Bishop Williamson, that his rebellion against divinely-instituted authority may come to an end.

Fr Ray Blake said...

If you can read, read what it says above the combox!!!

"Who are you to criticise a Catholic Bishop...?"
My first question is he Catholic?

In my own private judgement, I would answer probably not, but because I am a Catholic, in communion with Peter I obviously defer to the Vicar of Christ on that matter.

I am not criticising him for any doctrinal issue, simply for his crazy ideas which, thank God, even though he is not in "good standing" with the Catholic Church still scandalises the Faithful and brings Jesus Christ and His Church into disrepute amongst unbelievers.

Introibo said...

The poor man is quite obviously bonkers.

Pastor in Monte said...

Fr William Young,
No, he was never at Wonersh as a student. He was on the 1972 selection conference there but was firmly and unanimously rejected, and not for his traditional leanings, either.
I write of what I know.

JARay said...

I have heard both Bishop Fellay and Bishop Williamson speak. The latter made no mention of his eccentric views but the former spoke at length about the SSPX and its correspondences with the Vatican. Of the two, I would have to say that my support would lie with Bishop Fellay who impressed me with his explanations.
I pray that the SSPX will completely unite with the Vatican and I'm sure that it would become a force for good within Holy Mother Church.

Jacques said...

He was on the 1972 selection conference there but was firmly and unanimously rejected, and not for his traditional leanings, either.

The mind boggles, but I imagine such things are necessarily confidential during the applicant's lifetime. No doubt a future doctoral student will find much to mull over in his selection conference reports, if such things are ever made available to researchers.

There are some amusing, though possibly apocryphal, tales of his time at the London Oratory. Nothing scandalous.

Long-Skirts said...

Pablo the Mexican said:

"A day or two before the start of the General Chapter, Bishops Tessier and Fellay had a shouting match in the Sacristy before Mass...Of Special Note is the sermon by Father Hewko, and the July 22nd sermon of father Joseph Pfeiffer."


The lion roars
The storm hits shores
A Bishop stands alone

His blood he pours
For scores and scores
To bring them to His Throne

But witless whores
Seduce through doors
With moans and groans their tone

While Christ deplores
ALL mutinous bores
Who make His Church their own!

Long-Skirts said...

Pablo the Mexican said:

"Afterwards, the Superior General of the US SSPX chewed him out for his sermon, even before he could get unvested. I was there."

BTW, Pablo, I was there too having one son starting his 5th yr. in the Seminary this Fall and another entering this Fall with a daughter receiving her veil and habit in one of the SSPX's Traditional Convents next week - and what Fr. Hewko did was wrong. I pray for him but my whole family, 10 children and 9 grandchildren are daily in constant prayer for Bishop Fellay and the Pope - Viva Cristo Rey!!


They're wannabe Cristeros
Playing in their made up war -
Pretending they are soldiers
Each one of them a czar.

The battle is ahead
But in their house they stay -
No Officers or Captains
To guide them while at play.

They love to shout their battle cries
"Viva Cristo Rey!"
Forgetting true Cristeros -
Their general-priest obey.

And laying down their arms
At the Holy Father's word -
Yes, they suffered martyrdom
But Cristo Rey's forever heard!

pelerin said...

Apologies for being off topic but Longskirts has reminded me that I have tried unsuccessfully so far to find out where the film 'For Greater Glory' is showing. Does anyone know? preferably in the Brighton area. I thought it was now on release but have been unable to locate a showing anywhere.

Richard said...

He was at Cambridge, so it is not surprising that he is lacking in "humility and common sense".

Haldenrn said...

Further to Richard's comment, he is a Wykehamist, which explains mauch of his oddity

Pablo the Mexican said...

"... I have tried unsuccessfully so far to find out where the film 'For Greater Glory' is showing. Does anyone know?..."

For Greater Glory contains blasphemy.

A crucifix is placed in a shot glass of tequila and is drank from.

It also shows Cristeros standing for Holy Communion.

This is untrue.

The movie shows a private photographer taking pictures of the Murder of Priests...not true.

The Freemasons had the pictures taken as trophies. They took the pictures.

The parts of the Mass shown are incorrect.

A Catholic movie on the Cristeros would have the name 'For GODS Greater Glory'


I was at the ordinations.

Perhaps you did not see me because I was not in the woman section.

I was the big guy in the front filming His Excellency Bishop Tessier and Father David Hewko.

Please have as much respect for us Cristeros as we have for your Sons and Daughters; we do not refer to them as wannabees.

We would defend them with our life.

People with no Charity are asked not to use our battle cry of "Viva Cristo Rey"

It's a Mexican thing.


Edward Robinson said...

Pope Benedict should wash his hands of the whole lot of them. They are a serious threat to the unity of the church and will only create mischief if reconciled with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The excommunication should stand and they should only be allowed back in when them come to Rome on their knees and full of remorse for the scandal they have caused.

Jacques said...

Bit presumptious of you to second-guess the Holy Father's lifting of the SSPX excommunications, Edward. Is it possible that he's in a better position to determine what serves the cause of Church unity than you are?

Dom said...

They need to realise that they have a great deal to offer the rest of the Church; that there are large parts of the Church who would be receptive to what they have to offer and need them to help to renew the liturgy.

They can of course remain in the sidelines, but what is the point of simply talking to themselves?


I say Thank God for the SSPX and I pray for their swift and full regularization into our Dioceses,especially in England and Wales; without any hindrance from the Local Ordinaries soon ! For it is my humble opinion that the SSPX have kept the flame of Catholic, Orthodoxy and Tradition burning these last forty years or so challenging the aftermath of Second Vatican Council with the dreadful liturgical abuses and lack of faith that is gathering momentum also! Without the SSPX there would have been no: Motu Proprio of Summorum Pontificum and the wider freedom for the celebration of the TLM, FSSP, ICTKSP etc and there would be no Heterodox or Bi-Liturgical Priests in our Dioceses! Yes, there is in-fighting no doubt in the SSPX as there is in the Mainstream and our Parishes-let all have a little more charity and pray that the situation will be resoled soon-we need the SSPX more today than ever before!

God Bless,


Frederick Jones said...

He says he is "a conspiracy nut". Surely the word conspiracy is superfluous?

Pablo the Mexican said...

This has been sent to His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay:

Vienna, Virginia, 10th August 2012 Priest Meeting.


1. The Society of St. Pius X declaration of July 14th, 2012, while proclaiming the notion of the Divinity of Christ and His Kingship, actually moves in the opposite direction by using ambiguous language and by preparing to place the SSPX under the authorities of “the Rome of neo-Modernist and neo-Protestant tendencies.”(1974 Declaration)
2. There has been a longtime slide in the SSPX towards Vatican II and a growing silence about Novus Ordo scandals against the Faith.
3. There is an illusion that one can join the Vatican II Church without accepting Vatican II.
4. There is a need to assure souls that the combat for Catholic Tradition, maintained by Archbishop Lefebvre against Modernist Rome, will continue.
5. A new attitude favoring compromise has infected the leadership of the SSPX.

Pablo the Mexican said...

6. This new attitude now prevails in publications, websites, seminaries and pulpits.
7. The priests who resist this new attitude are being punished or threatened with punishment and in all cases are being silenced. The present crisis demands a public response of priests and faithful against this compromise with Modernist Rome.
8. Many priests are personally disillusioned with Menzingen for doctrinal reasons but are unsure, cowed or do not know what to do.
9. Many independent priests trust the SSPX less and less. They hope to pass on their parishes to doctrinally reliable priests.
10. There is a replacement of the original Fatima solution, which is the consecration of Russia by the pope united with the bishops, by a belief that the SSPX can negotiate Modernist Rome back to the Catholic Faith.
11. The imprudent and reckless willingness to agree to a “suitable condition” of abandoning the flock to the “wolves” of the diocesan bishops.


The heart of the Faith is the Divinity of Christ and his Kingship over all nations: “Oportet illum regnare”. The errors of Vatican II are an indirect attack against his Divinity and a direct attack on his Social Kingship. They will forever remain the Revolution of 1789 within the Church.

Today's Vatican has only changed for the worse since the Council (more damage, more new heresies, more effective semi-modernism), to such an extent that we can repeat the Archbishop's words of 1974 and 1976: “The Church that affirms such errors is at once schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is therefore not Catholic. To whatever extent Pope, bishops, priests or faithful adhere to this new Church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church.” (June 29, 1976)
The Pope has allowed the True Mass, but only within the Pantheon of modernist liturgies. Further, he has made clear his espousing of the false doctrine of Religious Liberty by preaching it to be the model of how the Church and State are to relate one to another. Lastly the doctrine of Ecumenism has been widely and consistently professed by the Pontiff in his visits to protestant temples, synagogues and mosques and Assisi III confirms that the spirit of Assisi is alive and well. It was this spirit that moved the Archbishop to undertake an “Operation Survival”, that is now itself in great peril.

Today's SSPX clearly wants to place itself under this Conciliar Church , mitigates the poison of Vatican II, is more and more silent in face of the abuses by the conciliar hierarchy, uses ambiguous language referring to two opposite Magisteria. At the same time that it is ever ready to believe in a constant debate with obdurate Roman officials, it uses strong arm tactics toward those standing against wicked reconciliation.
We must wait for Our Lady to convert the Pope and inspire him to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart in union with all the bishops and we must persevere in the Charity of the Truth and the Truth of Charity, organized in a united corps of priests faithful to the position always maintained by Archbishop Lefebvre.

Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer, Fr..Ronald J. Ringrose, Fr. Richard Voigt, Fr. David Hewko, Fr. François Chazal


Padre Blake, you may publish if you so chose.

Viva Cristo Rey!


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