Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Power of the Veil

Thanks to Fr Zed for the link, the American Pro-Choice Vice President Biden visit some nuns under the charge of the the Dubuque location is the motherhouse of LCWR president Sr. Patricia Farrell, OSF. The article based on the Vice President's press release doesn't say whether the strident Sr Pat was there, in fact it carefully avoids it but the picture, is a traditional(ish) looking nun, with a cardigan and veil, not a business suit, not a trouser suit, but a veil!

Isn't it interesting that when even the British press when the want to damn the Vatican's condemnation of the LCWR they choose pictures of Europeans looking like, err nuns, yet I have never seen an image of a veil at the LCWR, ever.


Supertradmum said...

Everytime I make a private visit with nuns and sisters, I make sure a photographer is there, don't you?

Obviously, the dems are worried about the Catholic Vote...

Pablo the Mexican said...

A veil is always kept handy at Novus Ordo places in America just in case the authority of heretical Convents and religious places needs to be demonstrated.

One of your American fratres has a picture of a full time Nun you might enjoy:

Accept no imitations.

In Christo sacerdote et Maria Immaculata.


Pétrus said...

Who is this Fr.Zed - I haven't heard of him.


pelerin said...

Isn't Mr Biden 'pro-abortion? That is why he is criticised as he is also Catholic.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Sorry about the white background that sometimes appear, it seems to do so automatically.

nickbris said...

Biden speak with Forked-Tongue

Pablo the Mexican said...


Ha ha ha!

What a great comment.

Too bad the British don't understand it's length, width, and depth.

Good on you.


GOR said...

It is the same here in the US Father, both with the Media and with politicians. They love to portray the CDF’s taking to task of the LCWR as a reflection on all US nuns. It is not – by a long shot. The CDF is not referring to the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Nashville Dominicans or the majority of ‘rank and file’ sisters who go about their work in evangelical simplicity and in accordance with their Rules.

It is the leadership of LCWR that has gone off the reservation for a long time now. They are not just heterodox, but are a bad example to faithful nuns and are leading others astray. That is the crux of the situation – scandal is being given – and its correction is long overdue.

Biden is a ‘useful idiot’ for the Obama administration – much like Al Gore was for Clinton – and has about as much credibility here.

StevieD said...

Surely you meant that Biden is 'Pro-Choice'?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Yikes! Pro-Life, that has been up for days, I've changed it!

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Father Ray, I think 'pro-abortion' is the accurate term.