Sunday, July 08, 2012

New Wine Skin

Mother of God, pray for us

The new skin wherein the new wine fermented,
the newest of the Covenant promises.
Mary the Immaculate,
The God chosen skin, the choicest, purest
to contain the New and Eternal drink
which alone satisfies arid humanity.
She that contained the morning dew
our Redemption promise.

The young flexible skin that moved
according to the will of the intoxication she held.
This is wineskin that alone can contain the Universe's drink.
This is the Spirit filled skin from which no wine is lost,
the handmaid that swells to contain the measure of He who she bore.
This, the ewe white from the washing, pregnant with the Lamb.
This, that contained Canaan's sweet abundance.

This the singular vessel!

This morning was one of those happy days in which the reading of the week day at Mass accidentally gave new meaning to the Saturday Memoria of Our Lady   - yes I know mad people write poems that don't scan!

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