Friday, July 27, 2012

Marriage Inequality

A couple from my parish, I am not sure if they are actually married, have just been sent to prison, he is imprisoned locally, she is miles away. They are going to be separated for two years at least; no conjugal rights. In fact they will not even see one another. However if the were a homosexual couple they would be "banged up" (sorry) together and presumably be able to bring a certain pressure on the Home Office to serve their entire sentence together, doing whatever they wished to do in the privacy of their cell.

When marriage "equality" is introduced this is one of the anomalies that will have to be sorted out, why should a homosexual couple be more equal than a heterosexual couple when staying at Her Majesties pleasure?

Then of course in the future there will couples who meet and fall in love in prison and want to marry - now combine that with the European law that gives the right "family life".

Super Trad Mum has a similar story about about a heterosexual couple being separated in the Olympic village, whilst homosexual couples are not.


Gloria from seaford said...

A gay couple would not be imprisoned together, that is just nonsense. They would be sentenced and sent to prison seperately. Prisons do not have married cells.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Richard Ashby, that is not the reason I don't publish what you say, it is more that your comments are sour and embittered.

Unknown said...

Gay marriage has absolutely nothing to do with fairness and equality. It has everything to do with forcing their opinions onto others. Trust me it won't be long before they will take on any legislation that protects priests who refuse to marry them.

Lucy said...

I don't think any couple whether gay or heterosexual would ever be imprisoned together to share a cell. I expect some cell mates do form same-sex relationships but I doubt the prison service would undertake to move them together if one needed to change prison etc. I know a father and son who were both sentenced at the same trial but went to different prisons so I am guessing the prison service doesn't really care about family or relationship bonds - if people want to be together maybe they could avoid committing crimes?

jonty said...

It seems a little far-fetched, Father. Although, as I understand it, even straight men when "banged up together" sometimes take advantage of this opportunity.

nickbris said...

It's so good in Local Prisons,you get to share a cell with your Soulmate and generally enjoy yourself.

That is the view from the outside,in reality it is quite different.If you behave yourself and do nothing that might frighten the horses you go to an Open Prison where you presumably share a dormitory;on the other hand you can lark about in the Local and get put in segregation.

Prison Officers are only human and would not allow "cons"to enjoy themselves more than they can

Amfortas said...

I don't believe it! Don't climb aboard this bandwagon Father. Please!

Lynda said...

Sexual relationships between two men or two women are inherently evil and have no connection to marriage which is a public and private good necessary for the family and society to exist. The state has a duty not to recognise but rather discourage homosexual relations. On the other hand, the state has a duty to protect, support and promote marriage for the natural institution that it is, the foundation of family, community, nation.

George said...

Linda, quite right, four people is very wrong!

Supertradmum said...

Father, as you know, "it" is all about breaking down normal,natural law in the society and replacing it with a Marxist view of total subjection to the state. The nuclear family and traditional marriage threaten the state, always.

We shall see more of this. And, thanks for the link.

Richard Ashby said...

Please publish this link which which shows that the 'supertradmum' story has as little connection with the facts as the specualation that Equalities legislation will compel the prison authorities to house gay couple together.

Gatepost productions said...

Supertradmum, I would not argue with you in general ... but quoting Marx? Foucault would have argued that marriage was as much a state induced institution as schools and prisons (so I won't quote him).

Interesting pun here on cells though: in the separation of cells lies procreation ... takes a man & woman.

More worrying for me would be worrying who/what I was sharing a cell with.

Gatepost productions said...

I'm not sure how the nuclear family was seen to threaten the state, from a socialism standpoint.

Beveridge, argued that the nuclear family was the 'corner stone' upon which The Social Democratic Welfare State was founded. Albeit that the 'able bodied male, his wife and dependants' would have challenged the sensibilities of feminists, the old and disabled. Not sure what he would have thought of gay marriage though...

QUESTION: If those opposed to homosexuals are classed as homophobic ... then ... is there a hetrophobic?

Amfortas said...

Why do people label everything they dislike as 'Marxist'? It's infantile and lazy. What about the case of the great moral philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre who evolved from Marxism to Thomism. Marxism remained an undeniable influence on this most Catholic of thinkers. The Enlightenment project was not Marxist and yet historically it has done more to undermine the faith than any amount of scribbling by Charlie Marx.

Supertradmum said...

John Simlett, read my Gramsci articles-kulturkampf depends on the destruction of the family.

Pablo the Mexican said...


The definition is within the story of the Marriage in Cana.

Water on its own eventually becomes stale and bitter.

Wine left to age becomes better with time.

A Marriage without Christ's hand in it becomes bitter with age.

A Marriage with Christ in it becomes only better with age.

Homosexual perversion is not marriage.

Marriage procreates.

Homosexuality produces death of souls.

Married and divorced then re-married produces death of souls.

When we equate Married and Divorced with proper marriages, eventually everyone will jump on that wagon.

"This is my step child"

"This is my stepfather"

"This is my XXXX (add number) wife"

has replaced God's will with the will of the world.

We must not participate in the sins of others.

Participation in our own sins is bad enough.

Learn how to say:

"I refuse to participate in your sins"

It works.


Richard Ginn said...

Father, this isn't worthy of you.
When tangential evidence is relevant but not exactly on point, you must show its relation, or connection, to your claim. Holding up the unlikely event of a married same sex couple being incarcerated together does not appear to be a logical appeal against same-sex marriage.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Richard I am not making an appeal against anything. I am stating that a heterosexual couple would be sent to different prisons simply on the basis of their gender, not so, necessarily for a homosexual couple.
Even if they aren't in the same cell they would probably, especially if they were female, considering the limited female prison places, have some association, more than a heterosexual couple.

epsilon said...

Doesn't your heart go out to the shooters - not!! Not impressed with stm's choice of cause here I must say!!!

parepidemos said...

Father Blake, Glad that your response to Richard clarified what you were trying to say because it certainly does not come across in your post.

However, I strongly suspect that in the case of a (known) same-sex couple being sent to prison, it would be highly unlikely that they would receive preferential treatment regarding cell placement.

Lucy said...

When I was in prison there were couples all over the place!
Many of them coupling.

Pablo the Mexican said...

In America, a man killed many women.

He was caught and sent to life in Prison.

Then, years later, a video emerges of him and another prisoner cavorting in their birthday suits in the Prison Kitchen.

It was obvious the murderer had been given a complete sex change; complete.

The video showed them both partaking of cocaine from a rather large silver platter. It as a mound as tall as a pack of cigarettes, and as long as four packs laid one after another.

The point of the story is:

Evil people have taken over our prisons world-wide.

These people are pillars of the community, and well respected in Society.

Publicly, their virtue is above reproach.

They are not Catholic.

Catholic Society has pulled over to the side of the road and let evil win the race.

Happened about fifty years ago, officially.

May God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.

My Jesus, Mercy!


John Kearney said...

It would be foolish to agree or disagree with you, Father. The point surely is that no legislation exists to prevent two married homosexuals living together in the same prison. What comes clear from even gay contributors is that this is nonsense. So let us make sure legislation is put in place. Let us see if Gays and Striaghts can agree on this.

nickbris said...

Can we please get one thing straight;the opposite of straight is bent. Gay means carefree and it was invented when homosexual activity was illegal.

Now that we live in more enlightened times why can't we be more open about homosexuality

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