Thursday, June 14, 2012

Forty Hours

From eight this morning until midnight on Friday we are holding Forty Hours in solidarity with the Dublin Eucharistic Congress.

We really are praying in the heart of the city. I have been impressed by the number of people who have signed up to watch, some have given up a day's work either to come and celebrate the Liturgy of the hours or to watch and pray at odd hours. As one of my parishioners who has signed up to watch through the night said, "God has been so generous to me, how could I not be generous to him".

It is the first time we have done it in any of the Brighton and Hove deanery parishes for forty years. It is bit low key, only one pressed server at the opening Mass this morning, the Office will probably be sung by me and choir mistress but God will provide.
There are more pictures here


Kinga Grzeczynska said...

We have Adoration of The Most Blessed Sacrament twice weekly, Tuesdays and Fridays.

We will join with you in prayer before The Lord tomorrow morning, the Feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and then on Saturday on the Feast of The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I am all for Solidarity.

Kinga Grzeczynska

Siobhan said...

A great opportunity - have signed up for an hour tomorrow as I will be down in Brighton. It is wonderful to have such a beautiful church in the heart of the city. God bless.

Anita Moore said...

I trust prayer for the conversion of Ireland is on the agenda, now that the alleged Minister for Justice has declared that the sacramental seal will enjoy no privilege under Irish law when it comes to reporting abuse cases.

georgem said...

Father it would have been really helpful for non-parishioners to have had online guidance as to what's happening and when.
Tsk, tsk (unless I've missed it).
Thank goodness the choir blog has published the timetable . . . .

nickbris said...

Well done Father Ray and the professional floral arrangements are stunning

Norah said...

Please remember in your prayers a parish in Australia whose parish priest is thinking of discontinuing the one evening of one hour's Adoration because of the low number of adorers.