Saturday, June 09, 2012

Fr Aidan Nichols: The Future of the Church in England

Here is Fr Aidan's talk on the Future of the Church in England, which he gave here recently.
He sets the future of the Church in Europe in the context of theosis or divinisation, he has many interesting things to say about "Catholic" schools and the Tablet and quite a few other things.

He has the wonderful gift of putting complex ideas into concrete and practical forms.


Nicolas Bellord said...

Many, many thanks to you Father for organising this and making it available on the internet. A truly inspiring talk. A bit difficult to take it all in at one go - I wonder whether the script is available or is it all in some recent publication. I will have to listen to it again!

EuropeanCatholic said...

Dear Father,

Thank you for making this available.

I have read a number of Fr. Nichols' books and would like Fr. Nichols also be an admirer of Balthsara.

I've just bought a few more of Fr. Nichols books via Amazon Marketplace:

"Christendom Awake!: On Re-energising the Church in Culture"

"The Splendour of Doctrine: Catechism of the Catholic Church on Christian Believing"

"The Service of Glory: Catechism of the Catholic Church on Worship, Ethics, Spirituality"

Fr Ray Blake said...

Some of the ideas are presented in Fr Nichlos' book "The Realm".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the video, Father Ray

Tonia Marshall said...

What a fabulous series of talks you've arranged Father. Not only is the content first rate but so is the quality of the recording.

I can see these talks being played to seminarians, to lay leaders and to others for many years to come.

Supertradmum said...

Some of us have been trying to say these points for years, but a priest of Fr. Nichols pointing out the situation is great.

However, three things, as what was missing was real teeth. First, I have lived in England for 12 years, 11 continually and I have never heard a sermon on Humanae Vitae, or a condemnation of contraception from the pulpit? Why? The Tablet broke with Rome on Humanae Vitae and yet this magazine is still sold in the back of Catholic Churches and in some of the monasteries.

Secondly, the solution to the lack of Catholic education was given to us by Blessed John Paul II with the promulgation of the Oath and the Promise, which as an educator I have taken. Here is the link.

Why have not bishops demanded that all schools implement these? These would have saved and renewed Catholic ed in England?

Thirdly, I have offered my expertise as a catechist, RCIA director and teacher to three priests to work for no payment in their parishes. I was refused on these grounds: one, the adults did not want to learn the CCC; two, the priest wanted to keep the status quo; three, one priest did not want to face an orthodox layperson teaching what he disagreed with....

Until these types of issues are addressed, nothing will change.

Until the laity want to be converted and until parents want to pass on the real faith, nothing will change.

Until priests and bishops actually want to teach the real faith, nothing will change.

Until catechists are hired for their orthodoxy, nothing will change.

Until Humanae Vitae is preached solidly and consistently, nothing will change.

Mr Blackledge said...


Blessed John Paul II must have seen dark and worrying times for the Catholic Church when every move he made either as Bishop/Archbishop or Cardinal was under heavy scrutiny. He kept going, infact he never gave up right to the end of his life when his last word was 'Amen'.

The Catholic Church in England and perhaps Wales is also facing dark times.Infact, I think this is a time for testing our fidelity to the Lord.
There are many things that have gone wrong inside the Church in England. We can all see it and we hear it also.

If a priest foolishly refuses your experience in Cats, because he call you orthodox, then don't give up. Go back and ask again.

If a priest is condoning abortion, contraception, same sex unions, baptisms of children who will be living in the family home of the same sex couple - report the priest to the Nuncio.

I know for a fact that there is an Archbishop in England who allows baptism to a child who has been brought to the Catholic Church by a same sex couple.

This is absolutely against the teaching of Holy Mother Church.
It is disgraceful. It has happened more than once.

The place is Liverpool and the Archbishop is + Patrick Kelly.

Do we wonder why we are in a horrible mess? The answer is clear.

Mr Blackledge

Supertradmum said...

word "stature" missing referring to Father Nichols in first line..sorry. I cannot eat tea biscuits,iron, and type at the same time...

B flat said...

Unfortunately, Fr Nichols vision of an increase in vocations to monastic life overlooks one factor. The decay of zeal to live an orthodox monastic life within the communities themselves has caused continual loss of aspirants and novices, who find nothing within the monastery to make them want to stay.
As the comments so far indicate, the fish has rotted from the head.
There are still many young people with ideals, and generous hearts, ready to give. But the shepherds and institutions to guide them and nurture them to make progress towards life in God, have all but disappeared.

Delia said...

This is a fantastic resource, Father - thank you. An inspiring talk and a visual feast too – almost medieval!

Nicolas Bellord said...

Supertradum: It was not only the Tablet that went against Humanae Vitae but such people as Archbishop Roberts of Bombay SJ. Further when Cardinal Heenan said it was a matter of conscience everyone took this as meaning it was up to each individual to decide whether it was right or wrong.

May I say, though, I believe there is hope in some of the newer orders and younger priests coming forward. It is all going to take time therefore and in the mean time we must pray and may I suggest that a good place to start is the Pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration to be held at the Church of Our Lady of Consecration & St Francis at West Grinstead on Saturday 14th July starting at 12 noon with a Papal Blessing and Holy Mass all led by one of our wonderful ex-Anglican priests.

Jacobi said...


What you say is worrying. Three is after all a significant sample.

One priest apparently supports wilful and persistant ignorance - a grave matter for which he will answer. (CCC 1735-6)

A second priest is heterodox, and should not be in the Church

Both examples indicate, without knowing the details, a grave matter and possibly mortal sin. Yes, the term is still used (CCC IV 1854-1864).

As for the one who wants to preserve the status quo, may God preserve us!

Spirit of Vatican II said...

Supertradmum - Do you have any evidence that the third priest mentioned in your post 'did not want to face an orthodox layperson teaching what he disagreed with....' Name the priests, don't trade in innuendo like so many of the hateful cowards hiding on this and similar blogs. If you are so sure, and you are so right and they so wrong, expose them. But if you are such a 'Supertardmum' why are you challenging the authority of your priest? Could it be you are not as good as you think you are and the priest can see that?

Nicolas Bellord said...

Spirit of VII:

Are you not hiding behind a pseudonym whilst making an ad hominem attack comparing someone to a coward? I do not see any reason why supertradum should name the priest in question. It might well be detraction to do so. I think in a discussion like this it is perfectly fair to mention an incident with a priest without actually naming him.

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