Monday, June 25, 2012

Hunwicke Events

Fr John Hunwicke
I am sure by now you have seen this elsewhere
Please come ... if you are able ... to the event mentioned in the previous post, in Oxford this coming Wednesday, June 27. [the ordination of Fr John Hunwicke]

I ALSO ANNOUNCE that, Deo volente, I plan to celebrate

First Mass in the Extraordinary Form; London at the Brompton Oratory.
Low Mass, Thursday June 28, 11.30; by kind permission of the Provost.

First Mass in the Ordinary Form; Oxford in the Church of the Holy Rood.
Solemn Vigil Mass of Sunday, Saturday June 30, 6.00, by kind permission of Fr Paul King and Mgr Andrew Burnham. I plan also to preach.
I am sure JH will appreciate prayers and remembrance at Mass over the next few days.

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Jessica Hoff said...

Splendid news. What an example of obedience he has shown. Praying for Fr. H and the Ordinariate's success.

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